10 Business Trends for Enterprise Architecture in the ’10s

October 21, 2011 No Comments

A few days ago, we reported on Forrester Research’s Brian Hopkins’ list of the 10 top technology trends that will define (or redefine) enterprise architecture between now and 2014.

But as we all know, technology doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Now here’s Hopkins’ list of 10 top business technology trends that are shaping EA as we know it (hint: it’s all about data, data, data):

1) Business intelligence becomes agile, pervasive, and limitless: “Expect to see best practices and next-generation BI and data warehouse technologies mature,” Hopkins says, noting that data provides the competitive edge.

2) Business rules take on complex business events: Those companies ahead of the pack will do a better job of sensing and responding to material events.

3) Analytics use big data to deliver better, faster insights: Big data is here, and firms want to be able to gain key insights from all this information — such as customer attitudes, sales opportunities, and fraud prevention.

4) BPM embraces rules, events, and empowered technologies: Business process management is spreading its wings to include social technology, business rules and events, cloud, and mobile.

5) MDM meets process data management: “Expect continued investment in master data management, but the nature of enterprise business process transformation makes progress slow,” Hopkins says.

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