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10 Reasons why students need to use technology in the classroom

March 26, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Olivia Geets, Independent Technology Author

student 300x170 10 Reasons why students need to use technology in the classroomShould schools use the technology in the studying process?

Nowadays, the technology is almost everywhere — in our social life, working environment, and also in the learning process. Mobile phones and other wireless devices are implemented in many industries, and many schools require them in the classroom. But here we need to mention that some schools may face the difficulties with the technology implementation. Usually , there are 2 reasons:

- Many schools try to avoid using tablets, laptops, and mobiles in the learning process because they think this could cause only distraction students from studying.
- Schools cannot implement mobile devices in the learning process, thus as a result, their poor network isn’t capable to support the modern technology in the classroom.

Considering both situations, students lose a lot, that’s why schools need to understand that using new technology in studying is quite important issue. Just start reading the 10 reasons and think, how the future learning possibilities could change considering all the points.

10 Reasons why the new technology is a must-have in schools

1. Tablets, mobile devices, and laptops can help students to learn information faster and better. Of course, it’s important to use devices properly without any distractions

2. Implementing technology into schools is a good way to stay in contact with students.

3. By using mobile devices, students can interact with other classmates and teachers easily.

4. It could improve students’ digital citizenship skills. Actually, there is a big difference between using a mobile every day for fun and about knowing how to use it properly and responsibly.

5. It could be a great motivation for students to study. They usually use mobiles and tablets to play games and talk with friends, but using them in education is something new and very interesting to them. There are a plenty of mobile apps with thrilling rules and challenges.

6. New technology in schools increase students’ experience and gives them a chance to improve and develop many skills.

7. The usage of laptops, tablets, and mobiles allows students to have access to the needed information much quicker, safer and more detailed comparing with usual methods of studying.

8. Technology brings the new system of learning where the teacher could be the coach, adviser, and encourager. It opens a lot of advantages comparing to the old passive studying system.

9. With in-house devices, students start to learn how to be more responsible. When they use school devices, they learn how to be careful and also how to use it correctly.

10. If teacher wants to use a creative approach, the devices could bring to life the most informative and interesting ways of teaching. Students could see that the learning process is not something standard and boring, but every day could bring them really new and fresh ideas, leading them to new information. They live in a new format of studying, and even when they have got problems, for example, with writing papers, they can easily look for some help online on the website

How schools have to implement technology in the classroom?

There have been many situations where schools have tried to implement mobile technology in the classroom, by purchasing new laptops and tablets for students, but later  found out nothing worked properly just because their network couldn’t support those devices. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the school’s wireless network and think beforehand how to build it correctly. It’s not so cheap and easy, but without this step, schools risk spending a lot of money for expensive devices for students and get nothing efficient as a result.

Here are the main things you should keep in mind when attempting to connect to a network in school:

- The Wi-Fi school system must be aligned with all connected devices.
- Despite the technical resources are not cheap and sometimes it’s hard to find them, you should consider the high-load work of the system. While projecting, try to summarize all requirements for future school network.
- The entire system should be flexible because all components change constantly: school can buy new devices, device and users numbers could be increased, etc.
- When you can understand the powerful level, you can calculate all the expenses and display it as a business development plan.

It’s clear that all schools should be equipped with modern technology to provide students with a quality education and give them opportunities in their future work. Start working on it right now. Emphasize the importance of modern technology and making improvements in education.




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