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3 Popular Blogging Myths Demystified

April 7, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Francis Kohl, Social Media Expert and Blogger

We all have our reasons for blogging. Some people do it to express their ideas to the world. Others are just there for the comments and positive feedback from readers. Yet still, there are those who blog for business, period. However, regardless of your reasons for blogging, everyone grapples with the same blogging hurdles; all-time myths surrounding this realm. If you find yourself struggling to deliver content to your eager audience, you have probably fallen for one of these common myths doing rounds on the internet today.

You need to blog everyday

Many people are yet to start blogging because of this myth. They are not certain whether they will be able to generate a new content everyday so they simply quit. If you are a victim, it is too bad you fell for this. While it might be possible to generate engaging content every 24 hours at the beginning, it is not necessary to keep up with that in order to maintain great search rankings. You can satisfy the search engines and have enough content for your readers by simply posting three times a week. Simply have a publishing schedule and stick to it. You don’t need to have new content every day to have a constant stream of traffic to your site.

You can write anything; it’s a free world

Here we go again. Many people enter the blogging world with the belief that a blogger is free to write anything that strikes his or her fantasy. Well, this is only true if you do not have any business building a loyal audience. Otherwise, you need to find a niche and bring the most out of it. Readers all over the internet are looking for specific information. Instead of wallowing in random blogs, they will opt for specific ones that guarantee information on what they are looking for. Don’t fall for the myth that no topics are off limits. Your blog should largely focus on one or two major topics and you will have people streaming in to source what they love most.

You don’t need any skills to blog

Anyone can blog provided you know how to write. You have definitely heard this; not once or twice but a couple of times over. Just before you start arguing, remember this; the difference between a successful blog and a random failure blog lies in quality. Simply because everyone can have a free WordPress account and construct grammatically correct sentences doesn’t mean everyone is fit for the task. Something more is necessary. Successful blogging takes dedication, passion, and skills. You also need to be creative and flexible. Be fast in learning about your readers and responding to their needs in subsequent posts.

If you have been in the blogging arena long enough, you have probably come across some of these myths. They spread so fast and people embrace them even faster. Knowing them sets you apart from the rest. Most importantly, have in mind that no single blogging tip can guarantee you overnight success; consistency and dedication are key.

About the Author

Francis Kohl is a social media expert and a blogger. He has come up with certain facts of blogging you must know to be successful in 2017. He presents interesting blog posts that are enjoyed by one and all.



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