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4 Tech Tips to Make Your Conveyancing Firm More Efficient

July 3, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Calvin Paige, Independent Technology Author

Conveyancing may not involve directly contesting cases in the court, but it is an absolutely integral part of the legal system that governs real estate deals in the United Kingdom. If you own a small or medium-sized conveyancing firm that you would like to see grow bigger and more efficient, here are four ways to achieve that desired productivity.

Incorporate Technology for a Complete Software Based Solution

By simply incorporating a comprehensive conveyancing legal software in a firm, it is possible to cut down on repetitive work, mundane but important tasks and much, much more. Take a look at some of the many processes that the conveyancing legal software from Redbrick Solutions can take care of to get an idea of how it can boost productivity:

- Creation and management of real estate accounts
- Features to enable correspondence with various clients at the same time
- Auto calculations of the cashflow and IHT
- Complete document management features
- Automated emails and SMSs
- Shared documents on the cloud for universal transparency within the firm
- Automatic creation of templates for official letters
- Tax and payment schedule management

The list just goes on, but these few should be enough to give you an idea of how much of an impact a comprehensive conveyance firm solution can have on the productivity of a conveyancing organisation.

Train Your Staff and Yourself to Handle the Software

Now, we already discussed how it can be beneficial to incorporate a software solution with effective automation for the regular day-to-day tasks, but in order for it to be as efficient as it can be for the firm, everyone neds to be well versed in how the software works exactly.

Most proper conveyancing legal software is intuitive to handle of course, but it is still necessary to go through the small training phase to get a feel of how the software works. Unless people are using it in the right way, maximum productivity and ROI cannot be expected.

Better Education

The more qualified and experienced your staff are, the better the firm will perform. If there are promising candidates in the firm that you believe can benefit from higher education or a more specialised course in the field, sponsor their education and you will be investing in a future asset.

As far as experience is concerned, you should definitely have a few in the team, but fresh minds often have innovative ideas. Not to mention, experienced conveyance lawyers usually charge a lot more!

Take on Only What You Can Handle

There is both a difference and a connection between efficiency and growth. The problem with uncalculated growth is that it is never sustainable in any business. Efficiency on the other hand, may initially cut down on the amount of business the conveyance firm is handling, but it promotes sustainable growth for the future.

When you take on only the amount of work that you know your firm will be able to handle without getting overwhelmed, you are able to get work done faster, and the quality of service and the work itself will improve as well.

On being able to implement everything that we just discussed, rest assured that you will see a marked improvement in the performance of your conveyance firm very soon.

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