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4 Things to Consider Before You Launch Your Website

December 11, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Ivan Serrano, Independent Technology Author

Running a start-up is like having six full-time jobs. The best part is that it’s something you’re actually passionate about, so sometimes it doesn’t feel like work. However, being the captain of your start-up ship means you get to take off your captain’s hat and wear many other hats. 

Some of these hats include being a psychologist, a human resources personnel, a friend, a janitor, a social media specialist, and well, the CEO and leader that your company needs. This requires a lot of strength, research, and constant learning. 

We’ve compiled a list of things for you to consider before launching the website for your business and hitting the internet. If you want to take the World Wide Web by storm, you have to consider a few things before you click that launch button on your back-end. 

Now your research time is shorter by about half because we’re here to cover all of your new website needs and clear any doubts or second thoughts you might have. If you consider these things before launching, you will hit fewer brick walls and pave your road to online success much faster. 

Remember, the point of having a good website is to turn visitors into leads, maintain those leads, and feed them with the useful content they are looking for and that they deserve. 

startup 300x222 4 Things to Consider Before You Launch Your Website

Create High-quality Content

Having an empty website because you’re new doesn’t go over well with potential customers. Users and potential clients are looking for useful, high-quality content. If your website doesn’t have that from day one, they will quickly click away and go somewhere else. 

Don’t skim on good content, don’t cut corners on your quality, and you’ll be sure to turn most of your visitors to leads. Make sure you have enough written content for your website before you launch it because otherwise, you will lose a lot of credibility.

Furthermore, with the internet being saturated with empty and useless click-bait, you want to make sure to provide your website’s visitors with something substantial, while staying on topic. 

startup2 300x199 4 Things to Consider Before You Launch Your Website

Make Use of Available Software

There are a plethora of online tools that can help you design your website, advertise it in the right places, and increasing your leads. A good LightSpeedHQ POS Software can go a very long way. If your site isn’t hosted on the right host for it, it’s just going to fall before it can even stand up. 

This is about more than managing your customers and subscribers. Getting a good POS Software provider can help you manage customer relationships, content strategies, paid ads, as well as creating the best experience for your customers. 

This strategy helps you keep your customers, makes your customers advertise for you to their peers, and just adds a ton to your credibility and name in the market. 

It goes way beyond code and adds culture. It makes it so that your website reflects and projects you and your company’s culture, your mission, what you provide, and how you can be useful to your customers.

Make Sure Your Visitors Can Quickly Become Subscribers

Sometimes, you visit a website that you love, and you want to subscribe to it but have no idea how to. If you make it easy for your visitors to become buyers or subscribers, you win a lot more customers. 

A pop-up window that can quickly be closed goes a long way. If a visitor or potential lead has to spend more than thirty seconds looking for the subscribe button, they will lose faith in your website’s credibility and leave. 

Make sure it’s easy to subscribe to your useful content. If a visitor is on your website, it’s because they want to learn more about you, and they find your content valuable. Make sure they can easily stay connected with you and are kept in the loop regarding your developments. 

Having an incentive to why people should join your subscriber list also goes a very long way. These incentives can be later discounts and perks, a free guide or eBook, a useful newsletter with informative and wholesome content, or anything you can afford to offer at no extra charge. 

Get to Know Influencers in Your Field and Your Competitors 

Network, network, network. Go to talks, get on social media, meet and connect with everyone related to your field. Influencers can bring in a lot of customers and website traffic. Knowing your competitors can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

This helps you build credibility, get traffic as soon as you launch, and get people excited about your website and its content before you even launch it. The first clicks go a long way in moving you up on Google searches, so make sure you’ve made your connections in the right networks before you launch your website. 


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