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5 Actionable Tips on How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Brand Awareness

September 22, 2022 No Comments

Featured article by Steve Hawky

s1Source: Unsplash

Research by Buffer suggested 85% of businesses present on social media primarily use it for brand awareness. Likewise, 80% of marketers rely on social networks as a brand awareness tool for their clients, per Social Sprout’s Social Index.

Social media is an amazing tool for businesses to put the word out about their products or services, show the right content to the right people, and finally, transform a follower into a satisfied customer.

Knowing that 76% of consumers complete a purchase after seeing a brand’s social media posts, it’s fair to say not investing in social media marketing is a mistake every business ought to correct.

However, even though innumerable studies show just how influential social presence is, many businesses still struggle with creating engaging, valuable, and educational content.

Businesses note developing a long-term social strategy, identifying and understanding the target audience, securing budget, measuring ROI, and managing social media as their top challenges while marketing online.

Moreover, data shows that around 50% of the small businesses are not using social media, with 25% of them not even considering joining.

Whether you already use social media for your business, find it difficult to create engaging content, or are an absolute social media skeptic, we’ve asked the top New York web design companiesto outline five effective ways to foster your brand’s awareness on social networks.

Here’s what they said:

1.   Wield the Power of Hashtags

There isn’t an easier way of reaching communities that share an interest. Using hashtags on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter is vital for your profile’s growth.

According to research, posts with hashtags get twice as much engagement as posts without. Yet, user engagement tends to decrease as the number of hashtags goes up.

So, don’t get all hyped up with hashtags but rather utilize them moderately and thoughtfully.

Use only hashtags relevant to your business and content, and avoid putting general hashtags that are already tagged on millions of posts. Instead, do a thorough research of niche hashtags that resonate with your target audience.

2.   Create Video

The HubSpot Content Trend Survey found that over 50% of consumers expect brands to post videos.

Moreover, Cisco finds that, in the last decade, mobile video consumption has increased 17-fold and predicts that by 2022, 82% of total consumer Internet traffic will focus on video content.

s2Source: Unsplash

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to set out your video marketing journey, you’ve come at the right time.

You could make a free video of some BTSs, product benefits, and info, real customer reviews, useful tips, interesting facts, or any other content that your target customers might find entertaining and valuable.

s, product benefits and info, real customer reviews, useful tips, interesting facts, or any other content that your target customers might find entertaining and valuable.

3.   Partner With Influencers

Nearly two-thirds of social users reported being influenced by – well, an influencer, into making a purchase at least once.

Influencers usually have a huge following and are trusted by their fan base, so teaming up with one will definitely benefit your brand awareness efforts. Right?

Actually, not quite.

The thing is, to really maximize influencer marketing, you have to dig deep into whom your target audience follows and esteems. Search for an influencer that shares the same values promotes a similar lifestyle and deals with topics related to your business. Doing so will ensure you reach your ideal audience and get the most of your influencer partnership.

4.   Be Social

You post content on a social platform and completely forget about it? Did it happen to you that you see a positive comment on one of your posts and only like it? How many messages have you left unread or on seen? And (how) do you respond to negative feedback?

Communication – two-way, constructive, and interactive – is the foundation of social media. Stand out among the crowd by initiating conversation, asking questions, posting quizzes, and seeking others’ opinions.

Besides starting a conversation, make sure you participate in it. Reply to comments, tag users, and manage feedback, may it be positive or negative.

5.   Develop Unique Strategies for Different Social Platforms

Short, impactful textual posts, eye-catching photos, and ‘how-to’ videos are all marvelous, compelling, and invaluable pieces of content. However, they don’t all fit across social platforms.

You’ve probably instantly recognized which posts belong to which social platform- so why then create one-size-fits-all content for all your profiles? Sure, it’s more cost- and time-effective, but it’s also ineffective and inappropriate.

Not only do the platforms’ algorithms favor a certain type of content – for example, Instagram promotes videos, whereas LinkedIn prefers long textual posts – but also users on different social media are used to interacting differently – Twitter is all about retweeting and commenting on threads, while Instagram users tag friends or bookmark posts.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Brand With Social Media?

Social media is an excellent means of increasing your brand awareness, nurturing a personal relationship with your customers, and creating the image of your business.

However, a misconception that running successful social media profiles is simple and inexpensive is the first step towards the downfall of your social marketing strategy.

Be patient and consistent; follow our tips and watch your brand’s following grow.

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