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5 Business Software Products to Consider in 2019

February 6, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Emily Roberts, Independent Technology Author

Modern business cannot be managed without assistance from the right software in almost every field of work, although, most people are so used to utilizing them on a regular basis that they do not even realize that fact. However, even software does get old and they need to be regularly updated, or even completely replaced every now and then to stay productive and in sync with the rapidly changing world of IT. In case you are looking towards IT solutions that can better suit the growing needs of your business in 2019, here are five software products to consider.


Paying your business taxes is a complicated process in the US, but the IRS won’t listen to that excuse if you do actually make a mistake! Fortunately, when it comes to calculating business taxes, TurboTax is right up there with the best options available and the “Self-Employed” version which they have is more suited for small businesses and geared specifically towards catering to their needs. Some of the highlight features of TurboTax can be stated as follows:

- An extensive checking and rechecking system ensures 100% accuracy/compensation with interest
- Securely encrypted and intuitive platform
- SmartLook facility to chat with tax experts on video
- Excellent deductible suggestions and expense tracking
- Expert advice and guidance towards facing an audit


Nowsta is an advanced workforce management software that is widely used in the hospitality and event management industry. Nowsta saves time by combining scheduling, time tracking, and payroll preparation into one software package, with plenty of other intuitive and useful secondary functionalities.By using Nowsta, both small and large businesses can save time, reduce their labor budget and ensure a smoother functioning of the business.

Wave Accounting

Free software options are seldom of any use for commercial purposes due to their inherent limitations, but Wave Accounting is in many ways, an exception. Almost all features of Wave Accounting are free and the cloud accounting software does have a surprisingly complete set of features, considering the fact that it’s mostly free. However, Wave Accounting is only meant to be used by small businesses as it cannot handle loads that are too heavy and also, service-based companies will find Wave Accounting to be more suited to their needs than retails. In order to access the payroll and credit card payment features, you will need to pay a nominal fee though. It isn’t the best accounting software option out there for small businesses, but Wave Accounting is probably the best free cloud accounting software that doesn’t cost anything to use. If you are willing to pay for your accounting needs though, FreshBooks and QuickBooks are premium options worth checking out.


Considered as a recruitment software for small businesses, Jazz has gained a lot of popularity recently due to the useful features which make the hiring process a lot simpler and less time consuming. It isn’t the most complete HR solution out there, but Jazz enables quick job postings, application management, referral management, running background checks, setting up interviews and other similar tasks to make the job of the HR department a lot easier. Even if you have a small business that doesn’t exactly need a dedicated HR department right now, Jazz could be the perfect solution for your small business to make the recruitment process easier, smarter and more efficient.

Rocket Lawyer

Irrespective of the size of the business, legalities are always something that need to be taken care of constantly. Rocket Lawyer is a service that’s dedicated to providing the legal assistance that every business needs at a fixed monthly rate. You can expect help from them in regard to any legal matter concerning everything from document creation and form filling, to contract reviews and real-time advice from actual lawyers, whenever you need it. It’s a handy service to have by your side, especially when you are starting off, or when the company is about to sign a big deal. Other similar options that are worth checking out include LawGuru, Avvo, and Nolo.

While these are some of the most useful software services that small businesses can make use of, they are certainly not the only ones. A lot depends on the field of business that the company deals with, as well as its scale. Software services like Nowsta and TurboTax will probably be essential for almost every small business out there, but depending on the field itself, more specific products and services might also be required. In order to make that job easier, write down the kind of solutions that you are looking for first, prioritize the list and then choose the options that best suit the scale and budget of your business.


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