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5 Good Project Management Certifications That One Can Pursue

April 4, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Andrej, Digital Marketing Specialist

Behind every successful IT Job, there is always a highly qualified project manager. From software and hardware upgrades to ongoing security patches, to roll out of software and application of development, projects managers are critical in terms of keeping your teams productive and on task. In fact, any IT professional can add project management certifications to their credentials to show that they have the skills to plan, schedule, execute, budget, deliver and then report back to their managers. Here are some of the best project management certifications that will help you hone your skills and add value this year.

1. Project Management Professional

If you are a project manager, then this is perhaps one of the best certifications. Popular across the globe and provided by the Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional is a widely accepted certification. To pass the certification, an individual should be well versed with the different techniques to plan, schedule, monitor and control any project in their hands. The requirements for this certification include a 4-year secondary degree and three years of project management experience. You can also do this project management course online.

2. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Agile and scrum are some of the best project management methods that ensure that more work is done within a very short time. It’s a process that follows specific principles to complete the project successfully. Since these methodologies are showing some growth every year, pursuing a course in this could help one get better jobs around the world. If you are still new to IT, this certification will show that you have the skills on various concepts that are involved. Since there are only 400,000 certified scrum masters, it means that this certification is still very lucrative.

3. PRINCE2 Foundation

Commonly known as Projects in Controlled Environments, this certification is well known overseas. The PRINCE2 Certifications are administered by the ILX Group, which focus on managing, directing and delivering the projects across the phases such as pre-project, delivery, initiation, and final delivery. It’s an entry-level course that tests the methodology and basic project management.

4. CompTia Project

Having techniques that are similar to Project Management Professionals, this training is basically for entry-level professionals and follows the same project management model. Founded back in 1993, this model provides various certifications around the world. Although it does not require any prerequisites if you have worked in small or medium scale projects before you are likely to grasp concepts quickly. As compared to other certifications the ideas that are involved here are not that rigorous. Once you are through with the certification, you can apply to become a project coordinator, project analyst, or a junior project manager. The good thing is that you can even enrol in this project management course online.

5. Agile Certified Practitioner

As one of the fastest growing Project Management Courses, an Agile Certified Practitioner is a comprehensive certification that includes many aspects such as extreme programming, test driven development, and Lean Scrum. Meant for those who work on flexible terms or whose businesses are moving towards using agile principles, it’s currently one of the best certifications to get. Some of the requirement for the exam includes 2000 hours of experience, 21 contact hours of practice training, and 1500 hours on working on project teams.

6. Associate in Project Management

Ministered by the Global Association in Project Management, Associate in Project Management is a course that specializes on broad knowledge bases and focuses on a clear direction, adequate resource allocation, effective communication, adaptability to change and assurance of quality deliverables. Designed for entry-level managers or those who want to pursue this career, it does not require any formal requirements, formal education or knowledge of study.

In a nutshell, irrespective of which certification you choose, make sure that you are well versed with all the concepts and that you can handle different aspects of the projects successfully. Once you are aware of the principles, choosing the one that suits will be more comfortable.

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