5 Keys to Virtualization in a Global Environment

July 21, 2011 No Comments

CIOs have clearly latched on to the cost savings inherent in server virtualization projects, with Gartner estimating that more than 80 percent of enterprises now have a virtualization program or project in place. But those CIOs tasked with managing virtual servers across a global environment have to clear some hurdles to effectively optimize their infrastructure.

The fact that a significant learning curve exists is evident by the fact that only 25 percent of all server workloads are in a virtual machine (VM) environment, according to Gartner. Part of the challenge is that as organizations move to virtualize, they want to extend the same technical principles and assumptions they use to manage their physical infrastructures into a virtualized environment, says Preshan Gandi, Director of Product Marketing for the Server Access and Virtualization Technology Group (SAVTG) at Cisco.

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