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5 Must Have Parental Control Apps To Keep Kids Safe In The Internet

June 27, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Maria Carole, Independent Technology Author

An uncensored internet is the worst nightmare of any parent whose children are proud owners of smartphone and cell phone devices. These devices do not offer any filter for censoring the content that these children can readily access on the internet neither is there any way to know about their activities and communication they perform with the help of their devices. The most disturbing thing for parents is that the smartphone device is constantly in their possession and they seem to be always doing something or the other on it, irrespective of the time of the day which also makes harder for the parents to check on the device and raises their suspicion level about their activities on the device.

This habit also plays havoc with their study time and inadvertently affects their academic scores too. Not only their study time but because of these smartphones kids lose interest in all the other extracurricular activities too which, according to child psychologists is not a good sign among growing children.

All these problems has lead to the developing of parental control apps which are third party apps so created as to when they are downloaded and installed can provide the complete information about the activities performed on your kids smartphone, be it tracking calls and SMS’s or their web history, everything is accessible with the help of these parental control apps.

Following are 5 of the must have parental control apps:

1. Flexispy:

If the Flexispy review are to be believed then the features offered by this app are not offered by any other brand of spy app. It is also vital to remember that if your child’s phone is an iPhone then the device needs to be jailbroken for downloading the Flexispy app. When you are looking for advanced monitoring options, this is the best mobile spy to opt for. There are two versions available for parents who would like to subscribe to this app and they are:

A)     Flexispy Premium version:

When you opt to subscribe to the premium version you are availed of all the basic features in any good spy app which are:

a)      GPS location tracking

b)     Keylogging features

c)      Managing apps like uninstalling or blocking certain apps etc

B)     Flexispy Extreme version:

The Extreme version from Flexispy is what makes it stand apart from its competitors for providing the following features:

a)      Live call intercept

b)     Ambient recording

c)      And call recording

2. Qustodio:

Most of the parental control apps developed till now are mostly created keeping Windows in mind. But the Qustodio app is compatible with Android, Mac, IOS and also Kindle. Here also you have two options for the subscription which is a free version and the other one is a paid version. Again here the free version covers most of the basic features like setting rules for viewing timings, scheduling timetable for use of the smartphone and other activities, block sites which support pornography etc. On the other hand the paid version offers features like SMS tracking, social media monitoring features etc. It has a wide variety of other more noteworthy features which make it the best parental control app in its category.

3. Kidlogger:

If any of you parents are already using the Kidlogger parental control app then you must be sure that there is no activity or communication happening on your kids smartphone that does not go unnoticed from your watchful eyes as it not only tracks whatever your kid is typing on their device as well as keeps tracks of the websites visited by them. It even eliminated the guesswork as to with whom is your child talking to with the help of a voice-activated sound recorder which will give you the complete record of the call.

4. Spyrix free keylogger:

Although a keylogger is the best features in any spy app you opt for, many times it has been used for wrong purposes like hacking into personal and government records. But there are positive uses of this app with keylogger also as it allows for parents some peace of mind when they know what their children are up to while using their browsers or chatting on third party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and also on their social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

5. Zoodles:

Usually, any app that you choose for parental control basically deals with blocking sites which are not acceptable to elder children but there are also sites which can be scary for much younger children. The Zoodles app is determined at creating a web browser enabled with filtered browsing. When a younger child accesses this browser he gets to see only the things that are safe for him or her without the risk of pop-up ads which might scare them silly.

Keep your children safe on the Internet by downloading and installing one of the above apps, choosing them according to the age of your children and your requirements.

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