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The Key Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

The Key Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

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Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor and Asset Management Summit 2018, September 5 – 7, in Orlando, FL

Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor and Asset Management Summit 2018, September 5 – 7, in Orlando, FL

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5 New Technoligies You Should Embrace in Your Business

November 9, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Jeremy Sutter, Independent Technology Author

Increased productivity does more than just get projects executed seamlessly. It helps a lot in cutting costs and saving a lot of quality time which improves the overall ROI. With the ever changing technology trends in the business sector, if you don’t embrace new technologies as soon as they emerge, you might find yourself playing a very tricky game of catch-up in order to stay ahead of the curve and be relevant in your sector. Currently, even smaller players or small business owners have also started maneuvering quickly in order to take advantage of newer technologies whenever they emerge unlike it was in the recent past. Here are five technologies that you should leverage in staying ahead of the competition and the novel ways you can integrate them into your business:

1) Digital Payment Forms

A study conducted by Statista showed that in-person mobile payments will hit a $23.47 billion mark by 2018. For example, you should consider Apple Pay and Google Wallet for your business so that you can be at par with other smart businesses that want to attract tech-savvy clients. The digital payments will enable your business to run smoothly because it enhances speedy checkout processes. Furthermore, your business will be viewed as a forward-thinking enterprise.

2) Information Security

Millions of customers who shop online have been victims of identity theft that often occurs through point of sale or online-based purchase forms. The problem of cybercrime keeps compounding as well, and thus you need to increase the security of your online payment forms. It’s your responsibility to update your systems and make certain that your customers’ information is always kept safe and secure. An analysis by a data security consultant will help you know whether your website is fully secure and the kind of data that you can store on cloud without endangering your customers’ sensitive information. The consultant will also guide you on how to use low-code application development movement in reducing hand coding and developing necessary applications in a timely manner, cutting down on costs.

3) Remote Workers

Most millennials prefer working from the comfort of their homes so that they can manage to do freelance work more flexibly and completing several jobs for different companies in one day. It’s also great for businesses who want to eliminate the problem of lack of qualified applicants and reducing the overhead for limited office space. Therefore, it’s prudent for your business to set up reliable infrastructure that can facilitate the process of hiring remote workers and freelancers without compromising quality and security of your company’s sensitive data. With the availability of project management software and other internet-based meeting platforms, it’s now easier to monitor and manage the progress of your freelancers or remote workers.

4) Live Chat Customer Support

Effective and fast customer service is very paramount for any business. With technology, you can inexpensively provide your customers with reliable and efficient support through live chat. In fact, tech-savvy employers are using the services of remote employees to take the burden off the shoulders of traditional over-the-phone customer reps in offering their customers live support. You simply need to install a live chat software to your website and you’re good to go. Research extensively about the few free solutions and the paid services before you install any of these applications on your business website.

5) Appointment Scheduling Software

If your company offers appointment-reliant services such as dentists’ offices or salons, you should consider purchasing an appointment scheduling software to streamline the appointments. The software will enable your customers to schedule their appointments electronically without assistance from one of your staff. It’s easy to add the software to your business site and free up time for your administrative staff so that they can concentrate on the core aspects of the business.



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