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5 Steps to Increase Followers on Instagram

March 21, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Habib Khan, Independent Technology Author

Instagram is now a popular marketing platform. There is a very high engagement rate owing to the high number of subscribers on this platform. At the moment, more than one billion people around the world have Instagram accounts and more than 500 million logs in every day to check a thing or two. Studies show that this engagement is good for businesses since most clients are actually making direct purchases from Instagram. Since the platform is now a money-making tool for marketers, many other Instagram users are trying all the tricks they have to grow their accounts’ following. You need not to worry about this since we have researched this for you already. Here are 5 easy ways you can use to increase your Instagram following.

Start with the Known

Ideally, your first followers should be people well known to you. For an individual account, your first followers should be your closest friends. Once you open an Instagram account, you can personally ask your close friends to check it out and follow you. You can also ask them to share your profile and content exposing it to their followers where you can get a handful. If it is a business account, ask your clients to check the page and follow you. From here, you can reach out to others beyond your social circle

Participate in Popular Conversations

We are assuming you already have an existing Instagram account whether business or individual. You need to use popular and specific hashtags that will help direct the right traffic to your account. Check out for popular conversations that are related to your theme and tag your content to those conversations. The more active your participation in such conversation, the more users you draw to your account and the more your account grows.

Post Content Regularly

You cannot grow your following if you do not post quality content on a regular basis. Your followers need to keep themselves entertained and informed. Posting quality content motivates your followers to keep tabs with your account and share your content. Have a mix of videos and images and make use of the available Instagram photo and video editing tools. It is more effective when you accompany your images with creative captions. Captions add more life to an image as they tell the story behind the image. Videos are a good way of interacting with your audience. Videos are authentic and attract more visitors. In terms of posting, you can try and post at least one image or video or both per day.

Remove Low-Quality Images

If you are trying to go a big following on Instagram, then you will have to ensure that your page is as attractive as possible. In addition to posting quality content and on a regular basis, ensure that you remove any photos that are low in quality or have them edited to improve the outlook of your profile. You need to have complete control of your profile. You will be tagged a lot of photos from your followers especially when you start becoming popular. Change the settings on your profile to determine which photos show on your profile. This setting will require you to approve photos before they appear on your profile. This is good since you do not have to worry about random photos appearing on your page.

Make Your Account Public

It is easier if you set your account to the public when growing your following. New visitors will want to see what your page is all about before they make the decision to follow you. there is no point of having an account, posting images and videos and then having them remain hidden. So, keep your account on public settings so that once someone follows you, they do not have to wait until you approve them. They can proceed and check out your profile and start interacting with you.

Every Instagram account owner wants to have as big a following as possible. An Instagram account is as good as useless if it does not have an active and engaging following. You should, therefore, put enough effort to grow your followers. These are just but a few of the strategies that you can utilize. There are a lot more.

About the Author

Habib Khan is the business associates in D.Venture that helps people to get the solid info about money, investment, the stock market and so forth. Instead, He specializes in ghost blogging over certain issues. You can connect with Habib on his website and follow him on Twitter.



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