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5 Website Design Elements That Pave The Way For Conversions

June 26, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Caitlyn Bell, Independent Technology Author

It goes without saying that a website forms the heart and soul of a contemporary business house. Websites help establish a link between the company and its consumers. The moment you type a company’s name in the search bar, the link to the company’s website gets displayed right on top of the search results.

The level of competition is intense. Every single day, we see a new company being incorporated. All of the companies have enough expertise and capital at their disposal to manufacture innovative products. Today, companies seem to have realized the importance of having well-developed website.

No matter how big a business house you own, if your website isn’t engaging enough, then your customers would not bother to scroll through it. Even when the content is engaging enough, people don’t end up reading the entire thing. At times, complicated design elements end up irritating the visitors.

Of late, companies have started employing professional web designers in order to woo the customers. Having a world-class product isn’t enough. You also need to have an equally impressive website. Visually-appealing stuff ends up pulling customers, doesn’t it? Professionals undertaking E-commerce website development are well aware of the fact that a bland-looking website won’t lead to conversions.

Here are five major design elements that will help transform an uninviting website. These are:

Grouping similar items together

You can have all of your scroll-down menus lined together. Keep experimenting with shapes, sizes, and colours. Always keep the colours and sizes consistent. The products and services you offer can fall under different categories. For instance, if yours is a banking business, then you can club a bunch of similar services together. There can be a dedicated section dealing with loans and debts. There can be another section for all of the insurance related queries. Information regarding investments and mutual funds can go under a separate heading. All of these tricks would help make the user’s life easier.

Club various types of multimedia

Gone are the days when a 1000-word long right up used to capture the imagination of your online audience. Today, if you post a plain and bland article on your website, consumers will, in all probability, stop visiting the website. Ya, that’s quite brutal. Online visitors want content that can capture their imagination. Also, placement is equally important. Rambling things on the internet won’t help. You need a plan. You can start by uploading a video. The same video can be followed by a 100-150- word write up. You can have a slideshow at the bottom. Simply put, you can club different forms of media together in order to stoke the flames of desire within your customers.

Have ample white spaces 

White spaces act as a pause. They provide the reader with a short breather while he/she’s skimming through your content. It is advisable to use paddings and margins to increase the space between videos, images, and text. A website that’s easy on the eyes always ends up pulling a lot of visitors.

No text overload, please

Now, this one is really important. You cannot keep on uploading gigantic chunks of text on your website. Have a variety of multimedia tools clubbed together. Make it interactive. Also, make sure you don’t keep posting a 600-word-long article every second day. You’ll overburden your customers with information if you do that. Post a blog entry on a weekly basis. Make it interactive and fun.

To conclude

It certainly would be no overstatement to state that small businesses face a wide variety of challenges, but one must always remember that with each challenge, comes a corresponding opportunity. Small businesses can leverage their market presence using innovative means such as social media.


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