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6 Phone Apps That Will Make you a Better Driver

March 30, 2016 No Comments

Featured article by Jeremy Sutter, Independent Author

Driver 300x200 6 Phone Apps That Will Make you a Better Driver

Technology is improving each day. One of the technologies that have had a significant impact on people’s lives is the mobile phone technology. Using a mobile app while driving is forbidden by the law. However, some apps have been developed that can be used to make one a better driver. Below is a list of some of these apps.


iOnRoad is a smartphone based app available for Android and iPhones. It helps the driver improve their driving in real time. It uses modern computer vision algorithm in conjunction with the smartphone camera. Some of the ways that the app makes one a better driver is by providing driver assistance functions such as augmented driving, collision warning system, and lane departure system. The app has millions of downloads and is continually being improved. It has received several awards including 2012 CTIA E-Tech Award and CES 2012 showcase award. There are no special gadgets required to use the app.


This app has many features, but one that will make you a better driver is the fuel efficiency function. To use the app, one needs to get the Automatic adapter plug that fits into most onboard diagnostic ports. A driver needs to connect their mobile app to the adapter via Bluetooth. The app then monitors the driver’s driving habits. Using the data collected, it will help the driver maximize fuel efficiency. If the driver is too aggressive, the app will beep to warn the driver. With the beep, the driver can ease off the gas and brake pedals, or reduce speed. It also provides weekly driving progress and scores. This helps you know if you need to sharpen up your driving skills and you can look into defensive driving courses to avoid future tickets.

Drive Curve

Drive curve is an iOS-based app that also provide an easy way to improve a driver’s performance. Just like iOnRoad, it does not require additional gadgets to work. This app is designed to be simple and meant for those who are curious about their driving performance but do not want the complications that come with dealing with OBD. If one has an iPhone, they just go to the App Store and download it. It uses human behavior rather than a car’s behavior. Once the start button is pressed, it starts collecting GPS satellite data and iPhone motions sensors’ data. Once the app is stopped, it will analyze the data collected and give the driver information regarding acceleration, braking speed, fuel usage, among many other things.


This app is also exclusively available for iOS devices only. For the app to work, it needs to be connected to the onboard accelerometer. Some of the unique features of this app are the ability to measure forward and lateral gravitational forces. The data collected from lateral and forward g-forces are used by the app to determine the car and driver’s performance by calculating acceleration, velocity, engine power and distance travelled. A user has the option of viewing data in either US or metric units. Data can be saved for later analysis. The app has two calibration modes. It will inform you about under and over acceleration, and engine power.


The cost of setting up is $4.95. It is very similar to Automatic as it requires to be connected to OBD II. However, the major difference is that one can customize the display to see every aspect of a car’s behavior and how the driver is performing. The app is only available for Android devices. With your Android device as an auxiliary instrument, there is no need to worry about the engine getting hot as you drive. A driver gets to see how the car is performing in real time and OBD fault codes. It is also a diagnostic tool.


Waze is available for both Android and iOS devices and is completely free. Unlike other apps, this is a completely different kind of app. It will make one a better driver in saving time and money. It uses a crowdsourced information to enable drivers to know the traffic situations and choose the best routes to avoid traffic and wasting fuel in a jam. Using the same crowdsourced information, one can know where to get the lowest gas prices.


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