6 Predictions for Green IT in 2012

January 13, 2012 No Comments

Improving the efficiency of IT tops the list for enterprises as they go into 2012, according to Craig Symons, the principal analyst at Forrester Research. Symons wrote, in his 2012 IT Budget Planning Guide for CIOs: “While 2011 started with a more robust IT spending environment, many organizations began to pull back midyear, and 2012 plans are expected to be more conservative given the high degree of uncertainty. [...] Efficiency and consolidation are top IT priorities”

Despite this, worldwide IT spending is set to reach $1.8 trillion in 2012 (6.9 percent growth), according to research firm IDC, so how should CIOs prepare for an Efficient 2012? Here are some predictions for the year ahead.

1. Greenwashing is dead.

Greenwashing has been hung out to dry by efficient IT solutions that actually measure, report and save energy, CO2 consumption and associated costs. The IT market has reached a level of maturity that means it is no longer possible to market a solution as a green IT solution when it isn’t really a green IT solution without being pretty quickly found out.

There is a distinct difference between solutions that actually save energy and those that say they do, and that’s found in the accuracy of the reporting that’s built into the tool (if at all).

2012 will see the emergence of Efficient IT, not only as a bona fide market segment but also as an emerging trend. The trillions of dollars that are spent on IT each year are a millstone around the neck of every IT department in the world. CIOs realise that they need to reduce the amount of IT dollars spent on maintenance and hardware/ software energy consumption.

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