7 Advantages Cloud Computing Holds for Your Business

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Trends in cloud computing indicate software may cease to become the tangible product we are used to buying in stores or through online shopping. Companies and individual users can access software that resides on their servers in the “cloud” or the “grid,” enabling users to acquire that software and information from any device with internet access. There are seven clear reasons cloud computing is no longer pie in the sky, but increasingly good for business.

  1. Keeping your software in the ‘clouds’ reduces the maintenance required for your computers. Since almost every computer these days has an update function that searches for the latest software, when updates take place, the upgrades don’t require restarting one’s computer. Unless the update affects functionality or visual elements, you as the user are positively oblivious to the changes.
  2. Cloud computing guarantees increased reliability and saves users from the threat of losing unrecoverable data on their computers. “In the case of grid computing if a storage server on the cloud fails due to hardware or software issues, the service provider needs only to shift the load over to other servers or bring up a backup server in its place. If it occurred at a users premises with installed software a simple issue can turn to hours of technical support over the phone, costly downtime, and unhappy users and customers,” says Gilberto J. Perera, author of the article “10 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is the Wave of the Future”.
  3. Computer data storage is never an issue if you are willing to pay for it. And the expense is minimal, a time saver and a safety guarantee. In the cloud computing environment, storage is not an issue as the service providers need only to add servers or shift load from one server to another to accommodate for the additional use of space.
  4. Companies and individuals can cut costs in a number of ways. Capital expenditures are lowered as service providers can at ensure lower cost. The spending is due to an end in hardware purchases and a reduction in staff required as the majority of the maintenance is performed at the service provider.

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