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7 Exclusive Tips To Promote Social Media Channels

January 31, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Habib Khan, Independent Technology Author

Have you ever thought why billions of people worldwide are currently using social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube? Well, it is because they’re not only the cheapest sources of communication, but also they have extensive coverage within the shortest time possible.

Consequently, you’ll need to promote your social media channels to get noticed and lead your competitors. Below are essential seven tips to promote your social media channels to keep you ahead of the social media marketing curve.

1. Establish Your Goals

Since you want to promote your social media channel, you must be specific on what you want to achieve. Note down all your goals and come up with both long and short-term strategies to achieve your goals. While setting your goals, ensure they are attainable and narrow them down into smaller steps.

For example, you might decide to reach out to a particular group of people on Facebook; then you may opt to create a Facebook page, invite all your friends and their friends, and mobilize them to like your page.

2. Create A Twitter Account To Promote Social Media Channels

After setting an account on Twitter, you can promote your social channel to attract followers. Follow brands, companies, and people that might be interested with your channel. Make an effort to follow as many people to attract more followers.

Describe your channel in brief messages as a way of promoting it. Because Twitter allows messages of up to 140 characters, you’ll have to make your message as brief as possible.

3. Share Your Social Media Channel With Everyone

By sharing links of your social media with all of your friends and relatives, they will have access to all your channels. They will get to know that you have a presence on YouTube, Facebook, and the like. This way; you’ll have just gotten the word out.

4. Use YouTube

YouTube is one of the favorite channels that billions of people watch every day. That is why it’s also an effective platform for promoting your social media channels.

Create a slideshow or a video about your other channels and what they are all about. It will act as an advertisement that can potentially go viral and can be viewed by several people when it gets forwarded. The renowned website Quantum Marketer can assist you a lot to learn about it.

5. Join Social Media Networking Communities That Are Relevant To Your Channel

Be specific on where you want to promote your channels. Ensure that your potential customers are present on those sites. You can explore places such as Instagram and get statistics and other demographic data on who spends more time on those social networking sites. Interact with your customers and retrieve more information about where they like to go online. You can do this, for instance, by taking a poll on your facebook page.

6. Make Your Branded Hash-Tags

Would you like to promote social media channels and grow a strong following from customers who can relate well to your channels? If so, then your magic spell is Instagram. Interestingly, Instagram has over 600 million users, and it’s easy to find a way for your channel to interact with the Instagram community that can attract personally invested customers who will visit back for more. A recent report revealed in Jonathon Spire that, With Instagram, you’ll have the ability to link hashtags and other accounts to your bio, and you can either make special ones or a stranded branded hashtags depending on your contest.

7. Promote Your Social Channels In Email Signatures And Newsletters

The only way of reminding your recipients that you are available if they need you is by adding social icons at the base when sending newsletters out on a daily basis. Moreover, if your company emails externally to its potential clients grasp that opportunity by adding your social channel links. Branded hashtags and social icons is a call to action for clients to share a photo. You can then follow them by using the hashtag of a network of their choice.


Without a doubt, all the above tips will provide your social channel the attention it deserves. Nevertheless, it’s only through trying them out that you will manage to promote your social media channels excellently.

The only way to remain at the top of your feed is by participating actively to conversations and promoting your channels regularly.

About the Author

Habib Khan is the business associates in D.Venture that helps people to get the solid info about money, investment, the stock market and so forth. Instead, He specializes in ghost blogging over certain issues. You can connect with Habib on his website and follow him on Twitter.


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