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7 New Tech Devices Of 2017 Worth Mentioning

November 17, 2017 No Comments

Featured article by Kaya Johnson, Independent Technology Author

Computer 300x168 7 New Tech Devices Of 2017 Worth Mentioning

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has finally come to a close and we have rounded up some of the best devices, which were on display. Consumers would definitely have been amazed by a large number of electronics, which had been displayed. We have selected for you 7 of the devices which we feel are worth mentioning.

The 8K Monitor From Dell

The resolution of this monitor is unbelievable and way down the bottom of the screen you even have a Windows taskbar. 8K TVs have been introduced in the past but there was no content to watch on the TV but this monitor from Dell is entirely different. The resolution is better than the latest MacBook Pro Retina and it has been equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate. Being offered at a price of $5000 and slated for delivery later this year it will undoubtedly be called an expensive investment unless someone is interested in carrying out some high-end professional work.

The Short Throw Projector From Sony

This is a 4K HDR projector which is designed to project on the screen just inches away from the wall and therefore the device can be placed with your entertainment centre and does not need to be hung up from the ceiling. It saves plenty of space but comes with a price tag of $25,000, which may sound exorbitant, but for the people who value these of it may be one, which is truly awesome.

The Solidify Image Machine Set up

The image machine set up from Solidify was set up at the Canon booth and this is a huge spherical looking imaging machine to use numerous Canon cameras to obtain a 3-D image of you which also gives you an opportunity to order a 3-D print of yourself for a price of $80. You could certainly get a 3-D image of yourself from the booth but purchasing the device for yourself would not be useful because you would need the large spherical imaging machine to complete the printing.

The Samsung CFG 70 Gaming Monitor

The Samsung CFG 70 gaming monitor is priced at just under $500 and gives you the ability not just to play games but actually edit on it. The colour accuracy and the responsive refresh rate is high and you will find it difficult to find something at this price for someone who is interested in gaming and also creating some content.

BMW Car technology

The automobile manufacturer BMW also had some amazing car technology on display along with some cool concepts, which spoke about self-driving cars and how the cars could be connected to a smart cloud technology to learn from other cars on the road and also to park itself when necessary. Therefore you do not have to worry about parking your car if you want to play bingo for money because the vehicle will be on hand to help you with the parking.

The Valerie Laptop

The Valerie laptop was invariably taken from the razors Booth and is a laptop with multiple screens. It looks hilarious for someone to carry around because of the tiny screens it has been provided with.

The Linksys’s New Develop router

This is not your typical router because it allows you to use multiple units in your entire home to give you full Wifi coverage and this is unlike the Google router which is using what is known as the Wi-Fi mesh network. You can connect this router separately from your regular network and manually switch between access points.

Apart from these seven new tech devices of 2017, which were worth mentioning the CES, also had a number of other inventions, which were displayed. However, we consider these 7 as the ones standing apart from the rest.

Kaya Johnson is a 38-year-old sales accountant from Yorkshire. Though not a professional writer it’s her hobby to put together articles from time to time. She lives alone and sometimes has free time to write a piece or two.


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