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8 Ways to Prevent Data Breach at Workplace

January 2, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Fawad Malik, Independent Technology Author

security awareness 300x171 8 Ways to Prevent Data Breach at Workplace

Getting things out of the right track is normal in this era of digital world. But, necessary steps should be taken on immediate basis to keep them in your favor for a long run. Since there are a lot of tech trends transforming the way we work, chances of getting sensitive information and vital business data hacked are always there.

According to a report, numbers of data breaches and cyber security threats have increased year by year and digital thieves are ingenious in their ways to get access to a business or organization in these days. That is the reason, you should be doing something infallible to prevent data breaches and to make sure your business data is in secure hands.

Below we have a list of data prevention tips to help you and your company prevent from becoming in the cyber-breach breaking news in days to come.

Improve Network Security

An unsecure network is one of the major reasons behind data breach and ID theft at workplaces. It is vital for all types of businesses to use secured networks when it comes to transfer business data over different devices and systems. Use of the latest antivirus, malware and firewall software is definitely a great idea to protect your data and information from malicious persons but investing in reliable virtual private network can strengthen the overall data security. Reading trusted VPN comparisons and reviews can help you find the best and affordable VPN service for your business or company to make business network secure and safe.

Improve Information Disposal Approaches

Malicious persons and cyber criminals can gain access to your corporate data in many ways and use of garbage (disposed business data) can be one of them. In simple words, risky and insecure data disposal practices can lead your organization or business towards data breach and other cyber security issues. Almost all businesses and companies dispose a huge amount of business data in corporate trash cans and dumpsters. But, they need to make sure that all the digital files and papers containing sensitive business information are destroyed completely and are useless to any other person. You should also develop a proper business data disposal plan to prevent hackers and bad guys from accessing such data and information.

Enforce Preventive Data Permissions

Not external resources are involved in the data breach and other security related issues but data breaches cab also occur through employees. Always allow access to the data and business information which is very vital for employees to perform different business related tasks. Setting up restrictive data permissions is the best possible way to make sure that these types of breaches do not happen in future.

Build a BYOD Policy

If most of your employees use their personal devices such as smartphones and laptops for work at workplace or at home, executives should develop a BYOD policy to let them know that how sensitive business information and data should be transmitted and stored on personal devices to improve business data security.

Limit Data Exposure

A business or company can limit its data exposure by taking various data security measures like encrypting data while transmitting, disposing the old & unnecessary data and by setting the limits for what business information and data employees can access while performing their duties.

Forbid Unencrypted Device

An organization or company must have a ban on all the devices that are unencrypted and unsecured to use at workplace. Devices like computers, laptops are smartphones that are unencrypted are an open door to hackers that they can use to gain access to the vital business data and information.

Keep an Eye on Data Leakage

An organization or company should often check its security controls not only to gain full control on the business network but to check it for data leakage as well. Checking the business information and data located on the business network or online accounts which is open for public view is another best way to prevent access of bad guys to the business data.

Educate all Employees

Let your employees know that why business data security is vital and how they can contribute to prevent data breach at workplace. Ask them to click with caution anytime and prohibit them from downloading irrelevant data like music, videos and entertainment apps when they are in office or at workplace because these things can bring virus and damaging files in your business system to harm business data.



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