Accenture and NHN Corporation Sign Agreement to Collaborate to Develop Mobile Applications for Smartphones

December 3, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Accenture

Accenture and NHN Corporation have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of applications for smartphones in South Korea. NHN is a leading Internet content service operator in South Korea.

Accenture is working with NHN to develop mobile applications and improve functions customized for Android™ and Apple® operating systems for the mobile version of NHN’s Naver search engine ( Naver is the most popular Internet portal and search engine in South Korea.

As part of this project, Accenture worked with NHN to upgrade applications for Wingbus, NHN’s South Korea-based online travel and tourism site. Now, smartphone users can easily search restaurants in Seoul, South Korea. Accenture also collaborated with NHN to develop new functions that are now available on Naver Ndrive, NHN’s personal cloud-based storage service, and helped embed them in new mobile devices, including Apple’s iPad.

In addition, Accenture will participate in NHN’s plans to develop various new projects to improve the functionality of Naver mobile applications.

“Businesses face multiple challenges in applying mobility to their products and services,” said Jung Wook Kim, who leads Accenture Embedded Software Services in South Korea. “We are teaming up with NHN to develop applications on a wide variety of mobile platforms so that its customers can use the services they value – such as web-based services and applications – while on the move. As a result, we will help NHN achieve its goals of maintaining a competitive edge and providing high quality service to its customers.”

Accenture’s Embedded Software Services is dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of increasingly-pervasive embedded and mobile software. The collaboration with NHN is an example of leveraging this capability to quickly and cost-effectively develop applications for all of the major mobile platforms in use today and to make use of Accenture’s porting assets to deploy such applications consistently across multiple web channels and disparate mobile devices. Accenture has a network of delivery centers dedicated to embedded and mobility software, with locations in South Korea, India, China, Japan, the U.S., the U.K. and Eastern Europe.

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