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Actuate Teams Up with AssetWorks to Enhance Facilities and Asset Management Using BIRT

June 13, 2011 No Comments

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The people behind BIRT® and the leading open source Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, today announced it has teamed up with AssetWorks, a leading provider of technology and professional consulting solutions for asset and infrastructure-intensive organizations.  Through the alliance AssetWorks is embedding BIRT, the premier data visualization technology, within AiM™, AssetWorks’ Asset Management software solution.

By integrating BIRT with AiM, AssetWorks is able to meet the demands of organizations’ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) initiatives – from asset life cycle management to operations and maintenance, as well as inventory control and space management.  All of the information that AiM collects for client asset management demands are rolled out into BIRT driven rich data visualizations, allowing AssetWorks clients to monitor the status of their facilities by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Having BIRT embedded within AiM is a huge benefit to our public sector clients,” said Randy Walsh, Vice President of Professional Services at AssetWorks. “It is true for our government customers like the Wyoming School Facilities Commission and the State of Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management as well as our higher education customers like George Washington University. This integrated AiM and BIRT functionality enables our customers to utilize BIRT’s open source reports, as well as tap into Actuate’s commercial software and services when needed.”

In addition to accessing BIRT generated content within AiM, clients can also tap into the value added commercial offerings from Actuate for increased EAM flexibility, organization-specific ad-hoc reporting, dashboarding, analytics and distribution capabilities. Actuate and BIRT also provide AssetWorks’ clients with a tightly integrated solution for web-based reporting, charting and analytics. BIRT has been customized to tightly integrate with AiM business processes and the user interface.

“With BIRT embedded into AiM by AssetWorks, organizations gain immediate access to a powerful BI tool for KPI analysis,” said Nobby Akiha, senior vice president of marketing at Actuate. “We are excited to be working with AssetWorks to help their clients with capital and fixed assets.  With BIRT and AiM, AssetWorks is able to deliver both public and private sector companies with the tools to help business work smarter, with better results.”

About AssetWorks
AssetWorks is a leading provider of software solutions for infrastructure-intensive organizations in education, government, utilities, communications, and transportation. The AssetWorks suite of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solutions maintain, track, analyze and reduce the cost of maintaining physical assets, including facilities, fleet, fuel, and fixed assets. This asset focus means finding ways to help organizations control costs and uncover new sources of cost savings. AssetWorks is part of the Constellation Software Inc. group of companies which trades on the TSX under the symbol CSU. As a publicly traded corporation, we are subject to valuation by the stock market based on the quality of our work and our resulting financial status.  These factors reinforce what has always been our corporate focus – putting quality first to ensure that profitability and growth will follow.

Actuate – the people behind BIRT

Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT open source project. ActuateOne is a unified suite of products for rapidly developing and deploying BIRT-based custom Business Intelligence applications and information applications. Applications built with ActuateOne provide one user experience regardless of task or skill level; are supported by one server for any deployment including cloud and are built with one BIRT design that can access and integrate any data source – including high volume print streams. ActuateOne adds rich data visualizations, including interactivity, dashboards, analytics, and deployment options to web and mobile BIRT applications, helping organizations drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction and improved operational performance.

Actuate has over 4,700 customers globally in a diverse range of business areas including financial services and the public sector. Founded in 1993, Actuate is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices worldwide. Actuate is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol BIRT. For more information, visit the company’s web site at or visit the BIRT community at

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