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Driving Better Outcomes through Workforce Analytics Webcast

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October 18, 2013 No Comments


LONDON AND SAN FRANCISCO – Thursday, October 17th, 2013 – Acunu, the pioneer in real-time big data analytics, today announced the immediate availability of Acunu Analytics 5.0 for Cassandra NoSQL databases. The new version gives control over their data back to business users by offering “self service” business intelligence for real-time Cassandra NoSQL data. As a result, business users can bypass IT departments and long waits for application development time and begin using Cassandra data instantly for improved business agility.

Today, most self service BI tools, like QlikView, do not offer connectors to Cassandra databases. Analytic tools that do connect to Cassandra, such as Tableau, only provide one-off extracts of data and cannot refresh in real time. Acunu Analytics 5.0 is the first tool to give business users access to high-velocity streams of data accessible in milliseconds.

“Acunu Analytics 5.0 will enable Cassandra developers to increase their productivity and allow business users to build their own BI dashboards,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO, DataStax. “Business users expect self-service BI on relational database systems, but with Acunu Analytics 5.0 they can achieve the same functionality on Cassandra while enjoying our platform’s scalability and availability advantages.”

“This will make a huge difference to our next project; we can just give this to our data team and they can build dashboards themselves,” said Dave Gardner, Chief Cassandra Architect, Hailo.

For the first time, with Acunu Analytics 5.0 for Cassandra, business users can:

- Automatically infer the schema from a sample of events from a new data source: The tooling reads a sample file and presents the users with the inferred structure, in tabular form. The user can just accept it or make manual edits to improve the mapping (for example identifying a timestamp in a text field).

- Explore their data and build queries by drag and drop: The new query builders allow users to build their queries by dragging and dropping the analytic functions they want to apply, the fields they want to apply them to, the constraints, the groupings etc., and to specify the visualizations (geo-maps, pie charts etc).

- Automatically create the necessary aggregates to deliver rapid response for queries: Acunu Analytics supports consistent low-response times, even on very high data volumes, by maintaining OLAP cubes (aggregated summaries) on ingest. Acunu Analytics 5.0 automatically creates the necessary aggregates to support new queries.

- Summarize historic data to support new applications and queries: When a user creates an application they may want to include historic results in their queries, for example to compare patterns to look for anomalies. Acunu Analytics 5.0 gives them the capability to summarize retained historic data, automatically, into the newly defined OLAP cubes, to provide rapid query time regardless of the volume of history.

- Plug in custom “ingesters” to allow Acunu analytics to easily connect to any new data source: User technical staff can build their own connectors to allow any data stream to be presented as a data source for Acunu Analytics end users.

Pricing and Availability

Acunu Analytics 5.0 is available October 18th. Current subscription customers can upgrade for free. Acunu Analytics 5.0 now comes standard in all future versions of Acunu Analytics.

About Acunu

Acunu’s high-volume, millisecond-latency, real-time analytics enables a whole class of applications that bring insight to decision making where immediately is the only acceptable time frame. Learn more about us at or follow us @acunu.




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