Apple removes fake driver’s license app at urging of Sen. Casey

December 13, 2011 No Comments

Apple removed an application from its online store on Monday that allowed users to create fake driver’s licenses after Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn.) wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying the app posed a “threat to public safety and national security.”

“License,” an app developed by, allowed users to put their picture into any one of the 50 state driver’s licenses. They then had an image of a fake driver’s license they could print out and use to pretend to be 18 or 21 or someone else entirely.

“By assisting in the creation of counterfeit driver’s licenses, ‘License’ threatens to ease deception by criminals and contribute to the rising problem of identity theft,” Sen. Casey wrote in a letter to Apple, urging them to pull the app.

“I’m pleased that the app is no longer available in the store,” Casey said in a news release on Monday. “As Pennsylvania and states across the country deal with the rising problem of identity theft, tools that facilitate breaking the law should not be available to potential criminals.”

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