Aqua Connect and HELIOS help enterprises abandoned by Apple

February 21, 2011 No Comments

Earlier this month, Apple Computer surprised enterprise IT decision-makers by announcing the demise of its Xserve with the suggestion that they move to the company’s power powerful workstation, the Mac Pro. While this system offers the ability to expand up to 12 cores, it is no enterprise server. My colleague David Morgenstern, posted Apple in the enterprise: Living without Xserve. I, of course, felt compelled to chime in and posted Another view of “Apple in the enterprise: Living without Xserve”.

Others rush in

Since that time, I’ve had the chance to communicate with representatives of two suppliers, each doing their best to fill the void Apple left and help protect the reputations of IT decision-makers who made an Apple decision. Aqua Connect, a supplier of access virtualization technology, and HELIOS Software, a supplier of system software for Linux and UNIX, both reached out to me offering different solutions.

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