Benefits Making of Small Business Marketing Mobile

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5StarControl has decided to disclose secrets of using mobile applications (apps) to manage marketing small business online. Reputation management website, 5StarControl, wrote that small businesses will be overjoyed with small business marketing that can be managed on-the-go.

The Huffington Post published an article on August 7, 2012, stating that small businesses can benefit from using mobile apps to manage their online marketing, and more easily keep customers up to date on their products and services, by using consumer review sites such as Yelp. They also introduced a new buzzword for the upcoming mobile marketing integration, calling it, “the ‘SoLoMo’ trend,” and defined it as, “Get Social, Think Mobile, Spend Local.” The report went on to advise small businesses that it is in their best interest to make sure their employees are trained in the latest marketing trends they are using so that the employees can better assist consumers with their shopping needs, especially with the use of marketing and branding partnerships such as Shopkick, which offers members loyalty rewards, or ‘kicks,’ for check-ins, purchases, etc., through their client’s real-time and online stores. Additionally, Yelp’s partnerships with Bing and Apple offer small local businesses more opportunities to draw new consumers to their products and services by using an integrated approach to marketing.

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