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Bluelock Announces Virtual Datacenter Stratification to Better Serve Enterprise Needs for Choice in the Cloud

August 27, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: Bluelock

(VMworld 2012 – San Francisco, CA – August 27, 2012) – Bluelock, a certified VMware vCloud® Datacenter provider of Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud, announces the availability of Bluelock 2-Series Virtual Datacenters, which offer customers a scalable, on-demand Virtual Datacenter (VDC) designed to enable quick deployment of public cloud resources and considerable day-to-day flexibility. Due to client and market demand, Bluelock created 2-Series VDCs to complement its flagship 5-Series VDCs which now offers various levels of growth capacity.

To enable businesses to make effective trade-offs between performance, features, and security requirements against the level of investment, Bluelock architected two distinct infrastructure platforms with various resource and service options. Bluelock’s 2-Series Virtual Datacenters enable customers to adjust compute, storage and memory allocations within their resource pool as needed. This Virtual Datacenter type offers an optimal combination of pay-as-you-go pricing and essential capabilities to deploy pre-production workloads, including functional testing, development and demonstrations.

Bluelock’s 5-Series Virtual Datacenters will continue to offer enterprise customers a reliable and scalable cloud hosting solution designed for the highest level of performance, services and security. This is Bluelock’s premier Virtual Datacenter for enterprise production workloads and customers can now choose between different levels of burst capacity. Both the 5-Series and 2-Series solutions are VMware vCloud® Datacenter services.

“As midsize and large enterprises face growing pressure to increase business agility while lowering costs, we continually strive to refine our product and service offerings to better accommodate client needs,” said Pat O’Day, CTO, Bluelock. “Having multiple types of Virtual Datacenters allows us to more effectively match the diverse nature of enterprise application needs of our customers for increased efficiency and cost management.”

Based on experiences during the pre-launch period, Bluelock has observed that enterprise customers will mix and match different types of Virtual Datacenters to maximize their resource and cost efficiency. With the ability to match the proper workload to the right VDC, customers are now able to carve out resources for specific applications, business units or projects and track the usage and costs using Bluelock Portfolio.

“By using a combination of multiple Bluelock Virtual Datacenters, we not only have an improved user experience and better performance overall, but we’ve also seen increased flexibility for the development team who has new deployment options for our customers,” said Bryan Bond, Senior Systems Administrator, eMeter (Siemens). “Bluelock’s suite of Virtual Datacenter options combined with the cost management tool, Bluelock Portfolio, allows eMeter to get the most out of our cloud investment from a performance and cost perspective.”

“As the [public cloud IaaS] market matures, clarity is emerging about the range of different customer needs,” said Lydia Leong, Research VP, Gartner, Inc. “Workloads vary in their availability and performance needs, and in the general complexity of the overall application infrastructure. Customers vary in the importance that they place on security, customer service and ease of use. Customers also vary in how much they want to manage themselves, versus how much they want the IaaS provider to manage for them.” (Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, December 2011)

Bluelock 5-Series and 2-Series Virtual Datacenters take minutes to set up, either through the vCloud Director-based self-service interface or with Bluelock’s managed services team. Users can build new virtual machines (VMs) quickly from public and private catalogs of VM templates, or simply upload VMs they already have running in a VMware environment. With Bluelock Virtual Datacenters, users can easily subtract and add capacity as you go, paying for only what is used. With the ability to upload and download any VMware-compatible workloads, users can easily migrate VMDK files to and from the Bluelock Virtual Datacenter. The solution is built on open standards with Open Virtualization Format (OVF) packaging for the transport of workloads and interoperability, with additional support for the VMware vCloud API. Bluelock’s existing production-grade Virtual Datacenter offering is now called a 5-Series Virtual Datacenter to distinguish itself from the new 2-Series Virtual Datacenter.

Bluelock 2-Series and 5-Series Virtual Datacenters are currently available. To learn more about Bluelock or its VMware vCloud Datacenter Service and features, please contact Bluelock at or visit

About Bluelock

Bluelock provides mid-size and large enterprises flexible IT infrastructure solutions with its Bluelock Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud. Bluelock’s unique customer approach leads to innovative solutions that offer unprecedented visibility and control, helping customers make better decisions about risk, agility and operational efficiency. Bluelock, a VMware vCloud Datacenter service provider, facilitates a true hybrid cloud approach for IT departments and business units seeking choice, platform compatibility, and a proven cloud partner that focuses on each customer’s unique infrastructure needs. For more information, visit

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