Building Responsive Enterprises: Survey Results

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An analysis of a survey conducted by Progress Software in October 2010

Biggest Challenge in Building a Responsive Enterprise: Capturing events and using systems to make decisions

As previously discussed (Building Responsive Enterprises: One Decision At A Time, 2010), organizations must become more responsive. Rapid changes in business conditions, global competitors and increasingly networked customers are forcing the issue. Organizations must improve visibility, increase their ability to predict, accurately assess impact and take prompt action to survive. You must make decisions rapidly and effectively while retaining agility.

To see where enterprises were in their journey to responsiveness, an informal survey was conducted among visitors to Progress Software’s website. The survey received 173 valid and complete responses. Respondents were asked first about the biggest challenges they faced in building a responsive enterprise. The survey went on to ask questions about the overall technical environment of the respondents, the status of continuous improvement projects and the use of business rules and analytics.

Download Survey Results

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