Business Analytics and Cloud Computing on the Rise in Mid-sized Businesses

February 10, 2011 No Comments

Last week I wrote about the continued rise of social media usage and monitoring in top tier mid-market firms. Here are some related trends. An updated IBM mid-market study shows new investments in the majority of companies surveyed for innovation and growth in analytics, cloud computing, collaboration, mobility and customer relationships and suggests that the economic recovery may be gaining traction. The survey included IT and business decision-makers at 2,112 mid-sized companies in industries such as banking, retail, consumer products, wholesale, transportation, industrial products and insurance in more than 20 countries.

This represents a change as Andy Monshaw, IBM Midmarket manager noted, “Eighteen months ago, most of them were talking about cost and efficiencies,” he said. “Today, 80 percent of them are thinking about how to grow, connect with customers and innovate.”  Firms are moving from reactive protective positions to proactive growth strategies.

Analytics is benefiting from this change. It is moving more into the midmarket. Monshaw also said, “Business analytics and predictive technologies used to be reserved once for big companies only. Today these capabilities are easy to use, appropriately priced and a significant priority.”

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