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July 9th, 2012 by Matthew Pugh, Director of Communications

The following is a syndicated post from Marci Gross at Actore Systems.

Do you wish you had a better picture your company’s reach within the marketplace?  Have you searched and searched for a simple way to create reports that integrate all your data and have yet to find the right solution? Atcore Systems understands this challenge and our new SugarLogi Integration can help you!

Atcore image Business Intelligence For SugarCRM

We have recently partnered with LogiXML to provide business intelligence solutions for SugarCRM customers in the form of the SugarLogi Integration.  Dashboard reporting software from LogiXML gives IT professionals, developers, and analysts the fastest way to create BI applications, deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embedded analytics into existing applications.

Benefits of using our SugarLogi Integration:

  • It is Easy to Use – LogiXML’s  “Elemental Design”, provides a code-free way to design and deliver interactive dashboards and reports to any kind of desktop or mobile device.
  • Multi-Data Platform – The data structure allows us to access any type of source quickly, without the need to build complex data models.
  • Seamless Integration with Apps – The “OneClick” deployment model within the 100% Web-based architecture, means that a single application can be deployed to any type of device or number of platforms simultaneously.
  • Highly Embeddable Design – Logi’s modular architecture lets you embed interactive data visualizations and reports directly in existing applications – to enhance your operational systems or augment your own software products.

What does this mean?  Well, simply put, all systems come with reporting options, but only our SugarLogi Integration includes the business intelligence needed to create dashboards, reports, and advanced data visualizations that can be viewed on any desktop or mobile device using not only the data housed within SugarCRM, but all operational data sources used by your company. The use of Logi’s business intelligence and data structure allows us to access any type of source quickly, without the need to build complex data models.

Check out our SugarLogi product page for more information!

Marci Gross is a marketing coordinator at Atcore Systems. Follow them on Twitter at @atcoresystems

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