Business Intelligence Reinvented for the Real-Time Web

December 9, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Netvibes

Modern organizations face the daily challenge of extracting tangible business actions from the fast flowing, real-time, social Web. Today at LeWeb ’10, Netvibes ( introduces the world’s first Dashboard Intelligence solution, the most effective way to transform the daily chaos of the real-time Web into tangible trends, alerts and business processes. New SmartTagging technology extracts hidden expertise, trends and sentiments from everyday work actions (clicks, searches, blog reads, Tweets, etc.) in any sized organization. SmartTagging is just one of many innovative new tools provided by Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence solutions. Now businesses can effectively monitor and naturally self-organize everything-from internal enterprise systems to the entire real-time Web-with intelligent dashboards that instantly adapt to each company, team or individual’s unique professional needs.

Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence solutions will be unveiled today at LeWeb ’10. Conference goers can also demo these new technologies for the first time on LeWeb Live Dashboard–the ultimate real-time coverage portal for conference attendees. LeWeb Live Dashboard is available now at: (Watch a video demo and learn more at:***

“Business intelligence excels in the old world of intranets and databases. But the real-time Internet isn’t structured, it’s chaotic, limitless and intangible. Friends, Tweets and viral videos just don’t compute for traditional BI,” said Freddy Mini, CEO Netvibes. “Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence evolved as a way for businesses to capture and convert RSS feeds, Web searches, Tweets, team conversations, and social interactions into tangible trends, alerts and business action based on real-time dashboards.”

Unlike traditional business intelligence, Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence lets businesses transform the intangible, social, real-time Web into tangible trends, expert knowledge and business actions. Dashboard Intelligence is a new way for organizations to:
1.    Monitor everything on real-time dashboards–from competitors to customers, personal apps to enterprise systems and more
2.    Self-organize millions of intangible actions within a company (clicks, searches, Tweets, blog reads, conversations) into tangible trends and knowledge
3.    Alert and activate business processes automatically and instantly

SmartTagging Transforms Wasted Work Activity into Real Business Action
Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence helps businesses monitor everything–from social media to Sage, from TechCrunch to Twitter–while revealing hidden expertise and key trends within the company, without being a burden on the user. SmartTagging provides just one example of how Dashboard Intelligence can help any business transform everyday work activities and hours wasted online into real knowledge sharing and real-time decision-making.

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