BYOD Management Still Not a Slam Dunk

December 20, 2011 No Comments

A series of three independent studies on mobility management and security from Cisco, Mimecast and Good Technology show that managing all this data moving around on laptops and smartphones is going to be a challenge. But you knew that already. But what is clear is that the rate of adoption varies widely, depending on who is doing the measuring.

The three reports include:

  1. The Cisco 2011 Annual Security Report,
  2. Mimecast’s survey on business mobility and
  3. Good Technology’s State of BYOD report.

Cisco’s report is the most troubling of the trio. Gen Y is likely – to the tune of 70% — to ignore promulgated IT policies when it comes to security posture, and a third don’t have much respect for their IT departments at all. To this generation, everything is public, states David Evans, Cisco’s “chief futurist.” (Now that is a job title that I could enjoy.) Granted, “ten years ago, employees were assigned laptops and told not to lose them, and told not to tell anyone their password. End of security training,” as the report states somewhat simplistically, but not far from the truth. Today, things have gotten a little bit better: perhaps there is a self-service website that provisions the laptop, or an endpoint security agent that can manage the device.

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