Can Business Analytics Outperform Humans at Multitasking?

December 1, 2010 No Comments

Science is proving that people underestimate how well they can multitask – doing or thinking about multiple things at the same time. People are actually fairly poor at it. Can analytics-based performance management software accomplish what the human brain cannot? In other words, can the portfolio of integrated methodologies that comprise the performance management framework embedded with business analytics behave like bees of a beehive or ants of an anthill, where each of the workers seems to instantaneously know what they should be doing for the good of their group?

Research by neuroscientists has proven that humans are not very good at doing multiple things at the same time. The research observes that people are weak at doing things simultaneously, such as answering e-mails while talking on the phone. Tasks compete to use the same part of the brain, and attempts to do two or more tasks produce interference. Using brain scan technology, scientists can observe the brain struggling when multitasking is attempted.

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