Choosing the Right BPM Solution for Your Organization

June 14, 2011 No Comments

Today’s organizations can choose from a number of potential solutions for managing business processes. The real challenge is knowing when to employ which solution, and how to find the solution that will provide the best long-term agility and business value.

The need for improved business processes management (BPM) is driving many organizations to invest in collaboration and workflow solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint (and its workflow components) and BP Logix Process Director. Yet purchasing a new technology doesn’t automatically guarantee success for the processes being managed. Creating nimble business processes requires an understanding of which technology is best suited to address the business problem. Understanding your processes and the tools available is important in both the long, and short, term.

This paper explores both the business needs and the leading solutions for meeting them. It describes the overarching goal of SharePoint and describes the approaches taken by SharePoint and by Process Director. Learn why organizations often, and rapidly, encounter limitations with SharePoint’s workflow tools. Gain insight as to the tools, skills, and resources required to customize workflows within SharePoint, and learn how BP Logix Process Director complements and extends SharePoint’s capabilities while overcoming its various shortcomings.

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