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Common Cyber Security Threats Small Business Owners Aren’t Prepared For

November 27, 2018 No Comments

Featured article by Andrej, Digital Marketing Specialist

Technology will not move backwards, which is something many business owners are starting to realize as more Australians do business online. This is the reason many of them are beginning to focus their efforts online to stay ahead of the game, but online usage comes with some baggage. Cyber attacks are real and could end up hurting a business tremendously, especially when you do not know how to avoid common cyber security risks.

Compromising Emails

More small businesses have been hit by cyber attacks than ever before, so knowing what you can do about reducing the chances of being a victim could help. One of the most common ways you and your business can be put at risk is through phishing. This is a practice that many hackers use to infiltrate your data through targeted emails.

It can be hard to discern a harmful email because the tactics criminals use to hide their intentions are good. Sometimes, the emails sent to you come from sites you might use or trust. The emails might come from companies that you might use for business like a logistics company. Knowing how to screen these emails can help keep your data safe.

Intercepting the Ghost

Businesses know how important reputation is, especially online. You should take steps to ensure you do everything that you can to keep customers as informed and as safe as possible. One thing that could hurt a business is ghost sites, which are set up by criminals to capture personal information illegally. These sites are made to resemble trusted sites just like yours.

Making sure that you look for these sites and warn customers about them or how to stay clear should help build trust. Of course, it may also be a good idea to reformat your site so that it features the padlock logo, which tells online users that your site is secure. This is something that you can have a professional web builder do for you, but it may be a better idea to consider getting a Master of Cyber Security so that you use the most effective ways to keep your business and customers safe on your own.

Site Protecting

Cyber criminals can target your site in all sorts of ways, which is something that you need to keep in mind as well. Some cyber criminals can infect your site with malware meant to help deliver customer information directly to them. This is a major problem not only for the deceived customers but your business as well since it will be pretty hard to regain people’s trust. Setting up an effective firewall on your site with the skills you acquired through cyber security classes should help keep your site much safer.

Be sure that you pay attention to posted information about your business as well. Some cyber criminals upload false information on your behalf like a fraudulent phone number or customer service email meant to lure your customers into divulging personal information. Staying on top of this could help keep your customers safe and make it easier for customers to trust your site. It may be a good idea to let your customers send you suspicious information they might find online about your business.

Securing an App

Online criminals could also create an app in your name. Those who have developed an app to help improve online sales or services should be sure to give their customers tips on how to recognize your app. There is no way that you are going to stop criminals from attempting to use your likeness, but you can at least prepare your customers.

Make sure that when you create your app that the name of your business is listed as the developer, which should help your customers identify your app. It may also be a good idea to keep your app on official App Stores just for the added security since App Stores keep relatively good tabs on the apps featured.

Arming yourself with the proper tools to combat cyber security breaches is in your best interest, especially as you are starting off. All you have is yourself to rely on until you have enough money to hire an entire team of cyber security experts, so take time to consider some of the points made here.

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