CRM Idol 2011: Update #2. We’re Crankin’ Now!

May 3, 2011 No Comments

In case you need the full monty as CRM 2011 keeps rollin’: here are the two links to the oh so passé past.

  • The original rules and contest ideas, judges and prizes.
  • Update #1
Now here are the latest updates:

Additions to the Judges

  1. Lets give a big round of applause to Larry Ritter, Vice President of CRM for Sage Software who joins our Extended Judges Vendor Panel . Larry is a long time industry veteran who not only knows software but knows small business too. A huge addition for the panel
  2. Now, put your hands together for Chris Carfi, Vice President of Antseyeview and the man who just may have coined the term “social customer” with his incredibly popular blog. Chris is one of the first social influencers and one who knew the CRM market from the get go. He is also incredibly popular.  He joins the Extended Judges Influencer Panel.
  3. Finally, we’ve got one more to clap those hands for and that would be Brian Vellmure, Founder and Principal of Intium, LLC. Brian is one of those Social CRM influencers who appeared about 2 years ago and just keeps getting more and more prominent. He joins the Extended Judges Influencer Panel too.

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