CRM Idol – The Open Season 2011

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Paul Greenberg’s worldwide competition of new CRM apps in this market space

CRM Idol sparkling2 CRM Idol   The Open Season 2011Small companies are given the opportunity to demo their technology product (software only) to the most influential people in the CRM/SCRM world. They will have one hour to speak or demo their product to five judges. At the end of the hour the judges will write a review on your product. The review can be a good, bad or mixed. Whatever it may be that review will be instantly published in numerous venues.

This contest is a first come first serve basis. Forty American companies and twenty EMEA companies will be allowed to partake. Four finalists from the American and three from the EMEA submissions will be chosen. The finalists will then need to supply a 10 minute VIDEO (not a repeat of the demo) to the judges. This VIDEO is a required part of the competition. The videos will be posted on multiple media outlets. Judging will be determined by popular online votes and the judging panel.

This contest is geared toward the smaller companies that have a CRM product that doesn’t have the power to show off how great their software is, compared to the bigger guys.
Whether you make it to the finals or not, your software and company will get a lot of media attention!
The Finalists will also be given ‘prizes’. A list of the prizes can be found here.

CRM IDOL Website

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