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Customer Service Practices Every ISP Should Follow

February 9, 2020 No Comments

Featured article by Fahad Miraj Din, Independent Technology Author

Customer services or customer support is the core of any business success. Businesses that don’t pay heed to the customer services are likely to end up packing up their business. No matter whether the business is in the service industry or selling products, customer service can never be ignored at any level.

The same goes for Internet Service Providers who need to pay attention to customer queries, complaints, and technical difficulties. Many ISPs like Cox, Frontier, Spectrum Internet, or Mediacom have dedicated staff to resolve customer issues, whether it be setting up Wi-Fi, plans and pricing info, or payment reservations.

As consumers, we have an expectation from our ISP and there should be certain practices that customer service should follow. So, What are the best customer service practices all ISPs should follow? We came up with a comprehensive guide. Stay tight and keep reading the article until the end.

Hire People and Train Them

Customer representatives are similar to brand ambassadors. If they are not trained well about products and services, how could you think they can guide the customers rightly? It is not a position where anyone could be hired without evaluating personal traits.

Customer representatives must be concerned about the problems faced by customers. He/she should be kind and empathetic as well as transparent in order to resolve the issues without being harsh. Moreover, they should be trained well enough to ensure they have a strong grip on resolving potential issues, complete products/services info, and traits to offer personalized customer service.

Sugarcoat What’s Being Said – Even if it is Bad

Customer reps should know how to say things in a polite and friendly manner. Even if the customer is harsh and uses strong language, the rep should make sure to maintain friendly behavior.

Even if you need to tell something that is bad for the customer, there is always a way to sugarcoat it. By doing this, things will calm down and come back to normal. In some scenarios, customers demand something that is impossible to fulfill. Rather than saying a straight no, the rep should offer an alternative solution to the customer.

For instance, if the customer demands to increase the data cap on a given package without extra charges, the rep instead of saying “No” can offer another package that comes with higher data limits.

Don’t Promise What You Can’t

Making big claims can resolve the issue for a limited time, but in the longer run, it could harm the reputation of the company. For instance, an ISP offering only a 40GB data plan on 25Mbps package promises customers to offer unlimited data cap is literally impossible.

Don’t ever try to make tall claims that you are unable to keep. Customers are hungry and want everything that suits their motives. But when it comes to companies, they need to look at different aspects in order to stay profitable as well as please customers. Unfulfilled promises would only result in a goodbye from your customers in the future.

Resolve Problems Right Away

It is never easy to resolve loads of complaints and negative comments simultaneously. Especially when you are flooded with calls and don’t know how to resolve it – instead of making the customers hold, tell them straight away that you don’t know the answer.

Make sure to admit the customer’s issue, even if the customers are on the wrong side. If you can solve the problem immediately, don’t let the complaints queued up. Solve them right away and never let the customer wait for ages.

Moreover, if the issue can’t be resolved immediately, give your customer the expected time. It will put the customer at ease, as they know that you are working on a solution. Resolving the issue immediately will always leave the customer happy and will help the company to get a positive review.

Be Where the Customers are

In today’s era, customers have more than one channel to contact you. You need to be available on every channel, whether it be a telephone, email, social media forums or live web chats. Moreover, most of the companies have leveraged chatbots to address customer’s queries and to offer them the necessary assistance.

Final Verdict

If you want your customer services to be at par, make sure to understand the customers’ problem and develop a friendly connection. Instead of being blunt or harsh, just try to be friendly and empathetic.


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