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Cyber Security Tips for Businesses to Prevent Cyber Attacks

May 15, 2019 No Comments

Featured article by Fawad Malik, Independent Technology Author

cybersecurity 456 300x180 Cyber Security Tips for Businesses to Prevent Cyber Attacks

As more and more businesses are running and managing their most of operations and processes online, it is most vital to protect a business or brand against cyber security threats in this digital world and to get more from the opportunities offered by the virtual world.

No doubt, the world of internet offers all businesses the potential for reaching a bigger audience and use international suppliers to grow more, but it also brings the potential for scams and cyber security risks as well. Even a single cyber security attack can harm your repute and can also cause a serious financial upset. Here is a comprehensive list of cyber security tips for businesses to prevent cyber-attacks that any business can assume to maintain customer trust and confidence.

Secure your Hardware

Not only investing in the latest and most sophisticated types of cyber security solutions but securing the hardware of the business or company should also be taken good care of because theft or loss of devices is the real threat. A business or company should start its cyber-attack prevention strategy by protecting its devices and other hardware with hard to guess passwords, limited access and trackers etc. attaching the computers and other devices with the desk permanently is a great idea to prevent bad guys from walking away with business hardware or devices and sensitive data stored in them.

Encrypt and Back up Data

If a customer pays for a most expensive rolex watch via credit card, the business must keep the customer’s confidential data (credit card information) safe and away from malicious persons. Preventing access to the sensitive business and customer data and making that data useless if accessed by the bad guys are the 2 major elements of a successful cybercrime protection strategy. Encryption and backing the data up regularly are the best practices to keep sensitive data in safe hands and for easy retrieval when lost. Data encryption is the most effective option for all types of businesses to make sure all the business and customer details are away from the criminals’ access. Moreover, full-disk encryption solutions are also available these days that can encrypt all the data stored in a desktop computer or laptop computer.

Monitor and protect the use of Business Equipment

Keep a proper track of all the devices, computer equipment and software solutions your business is using. Keep them all secure with strong passwords to avoid prohibited access and let the employees accountable of where and how they use and keep business devices. Set the data transfer policies and develop a BYOD policy too. Prevent employees from using their personal and unsecured USB sticks and other devices when it comes to transfer business data because a malicious threat can come from a personal USB stick in the business system to destroy it. Also, make sure all useless software and devices are no longer attached to the business system and ensure they contain no sensitive data and information when disposed of.

Build an Internal Policy

In many cases, malicious persons get inside a business network with the help of one of your employees clicking on a bad link sent via email or using easy to guess passwords. That is the reason, it is vital for any business to be aware of the latest cyber threats and scam to keep the employees updated. DoS, SQL injection and email phishing are some of the common cyber threats that can be dangerous for a business to ruin it. Installation of the right protections in the business system can keep your business away from such threats and educate employees on how they can prevent such attacks by their own.

Invest in Cloud Technology

A business will not only save time and finances by investing in the right cloud technology but it will also encrypt all the business data automatically to keep in safe hands. Most of the cloud services providers offer automatic and regular data back on both physical and cloud servers to make the retrieval easier than ever before. However, a business must subscribe with the most reputable and reliable cloud services to boost its cyber security.

Increase Employee Awareness

Educating your employees and other staff is the best and cost-effective cyber security tip to prevent cyber-attacks. Let them know about the common cybersecurity threat, how they can take place and best ways to prevent such threats etc. That’s why; privacy training should be one of the major concerns when it comes to tighten the cyber security of a business or company.


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