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Cyquent Technology Consultants Launches BIRetail on the Cloud Computing Platform

December 20, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Cyquent Technology

Cyquent Technology Consultants launch their first Niche Line of business application (BIRetail) on the Cloud Computing platform for the Middle East. “With overarching pressures on price & cut throat competition, Retail players are beginning to like this Retail ready Business Intelligence tool which Cyquent is making available at hardly any cost compared to the savings in terms of predictable & spot-on decision making.

Its Retail ready, it’s easy to use (no expensive proof of concepts, no pilots required) as it is available on the Cloud i.e. “Software as a Service”, it is business user friendly and is priced affordable with monthly payment option” says Praveen Thawani, Director Cyquent Technology Consultants- Gulf.

Product Highlights:-

- Made for Retail,
- Single Platform for analysis
and Reporting
- Pre-Built retail KPI’s
- Preconfigured reports
- Highly optimized retail algorithms
and Standards
- Best of Breed BI
- Web-Based Environment
- Built on SaaS Technology
- Full Stack BI Suite

Built for retail: As a Business Intelligence solution that is designed exclusively for retailers, BIRetail transforms your data driven decision-making environment.BIRetail analytics covers retail functions across your enterprise – Sales, Inventory, Suppliers, Customers etc. We are committed to ensuring that at every stage, from your supply chain to your stores, you benefit from the approach that comes with BIRetail Solution. It incorporates a wide range of features including reporting, analysis, dashboards, alerting, and monitoring.

Actionable Intelligence

Our innovative solution drives “Profit” by providing “Actionable Intelligence” in at least three areas:
Operational intelligence- automated data collection and translation, resource planning, supplier analysis and inventory optimization
Customer intelligence- marketing automation, marketing optimization, and market basket analysis
Inventory intelligence- inventory planning, assortment, size, space, price, promotion, and markdown optimization.

Best of Breed Business Intelligence BIRetail is an affordable, easy-to-use intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed from the “ground up” for retailers. It is a complete “BI In a Box” solution – it delivers all the components that make up a Business Intelligence solution including data warehouse, ETL, OLAP, reports, dashboards, KPIs, etc.

Some of the Customers doing Retail intelligently using BIRETAIL& many more:

- Giny & Jony
- Victorinox
- Golfworx
- Ski Lodge
- Liberty Foot Fashion
- Kittens
- Nalli
- V Mart

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