Data center startups emerging to solve virtualization and cloud problems

June 17, 2011 No Comments

A host of new data center startups are coming on the scene to help IT shops handle the challenges posed by virtualized infrastructures and cloud computing.

The GigaOM Structure event next week will feature 11 new companies, including at least two that Network World readers will be familiar with.

NETWORK WORLD’S TOP STARTUPS: 25 hot products from new IT companies

Big Switch Networks, which has $13.8 million in funding, is building new technology to bring the OpenFlow protocol to data center networks, Network World reported in April.

ZeRTO, meanwhile, is developing disaster recovery and business continuity software for virtualized, mission critical applications and cloud deployments. ZeRTO was featured last year in Network World‘s “25 new IT companies to watch” and is now emerging from stealth mode.

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