Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream

September 21, 2011 No Comments

Business leaders, CIOs and information architects all have a key objective on their agenda: making information a strategic asset while reducing costs and providing tangible enterprise benefits.

Organizations which recognize the need to combine structured, unstructured, Web, Cloud and Big data from internal and external sources, and to use this information to create a competitive advantage, will be future leaders.

This Whitepaper features customer case studies from enterprise businesses, like Biogen Idec, RCable and Telefonica, that demonstrate how integrated and real-time views of critical business information from across a broad spectrum of disparate data, both within and outside the enterprise, is being realized using Denodo’s Data Virtualization technology, allowing companies to combine, query and publish data sources in ways that were not possible before.

Read this whitepaper to learn how the Data Virtualization platform has emerged to create a unified data layer that virtualizes underlying internal and external data sources and delivers valuable integrated business information in the form of on-demand data services to multiple applications and users with managed security, service levels and governance.

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