Debunking BPM Software Myths

March 26, 2011 No Comments

As the number of corporations that turn to Business Process Management (BPM) solutions continues to burgeon, PNMSoft, a BPM software company, has taken the time to deconstruct some of the myths surrounding one of the fastest growing software markets.

While BPM software offers solutions for streamlining business process, increasing efficiencies and promoting cost savings, there is sometimes confusion surrounding the process, according to PNMSoft, a company dedicated to providing BPM software solutions to help customers meet management challenges.

The number one myth about BPM software is that “BPM is workflow.”

According to PNMSoft, although BPM started out as a workflow engine for running business processes, it is now a “full life-cycle” that includes process monitoring and reporting, process optimization, modeling, process execution and process simulation. Every BPM software model today must offer features such as modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization capabilities.

Another falsehood, according to PNMSoft, is that BPM software can only be used for the most complex of processes.

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