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Decision Matrix: Selecting A Business Process Management Vendor (Competitor Focus)

November 5, 2010 No Comments

SOURCE:  Reportlinker announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor (Competitor Focus)


Ovum’s Business Process Management (BPM) Decision Matrix report explores the competitive dynamics within the BPM market and helps businesses select a vendor based on its technology strength, reputation among customers, and impact in the market. Ovum provides a complete view of vendor capabilities and advises on those you should explore, consider and, most importantly, shortlist.


*Provides an overview of the most important trends affecting the BPM market and influencing its competitive dynamics.

*Delivers a comprehensive comparison of BPM vendors in terms of their technology, user sentiment and market impact.

*Presents a detailed view of each vendor’s BPM portfolio, as well as providing advice on the suitability of these offerings.

*Vendors covered: Active Endpoints, Appian, AuraPortal, Cordys, Intalio, IBM, Lombardi, Metastorm, Oracle, Pegasystems, SAP, Savvion, Tibco, Ultimus.


Ovum views the BPM market as very competitive, but comparably fragmented, with several BPM specialists featuring among the leaders. However, Ovum did note that the stratification within the leading vendors profiled is increasingly apparent.

The most successful BPM vendors seem to be those that combine excellent core BPM modules with the key competitive differentiators from the adjacent competency areas. In addition, Ovum emphasizes the importance of a clearly articulated approach to BPM, particularly those responding directly to the needs and requirements of business departments.

Reasons to Purchase

*Gain detailed knowledge of BPM vendors’ strengths with regards to technology, user sentiment and market impact.

*BPM vendors can benchmark their own performance in various key criteria against their competitors.

*IT managers will gain valuable insight to improve their BPM strategy and purchasing decisions.







VEndor Selection 4

Consolidation has proceeded unabated since the last BPM Decision Matrix was published 4

Core BPM Decision Matrix 5

Extended BPM Decision Matrix 7

Market leaders: Metastorm, Oracle and Savvion 8

The challengers: IBM and the BPM Specialists 9

The prospects: AuraPortal, Cordys, Intalio, SAP and Tibco 10


Market leaders: Technology Assessment 11

Market leaders: User Sentiment 12

Market leaders: Market Impact 13


Active Endpoints: BPM Radars 15

Recommendation: Consider 17

Appian: BPM Radars 18

Recommendation: Consider 20

Auraportal: BPM Radars 21

Recommendation: Explore 22

Cordys: BPM Radars 24

Recommendation: Explore 25

IBM (including Lombardi): BPM Radars 27

Recommendation: Consider 29

Intalio: BPM Radars 32

Recommendation: Explore 34

Metastorm: BPM Radars 36

Recommendation: Shortlists 37

Oracle: BPM Radars 39

Recommendation: Shortlist 41

Pegasystems: BPM Radars 43

Recommendation: Consider 45

SAP: BPM Radars 47

Recommendation: Consider 48

Savvion: BPM Radars 51

Recommendation: Shortlist 53

Tibco: BPM Radars 55

Recommendation: Explore 56

Ultimus: BPM Radars 58

Recommendation: Consider 59


Summary scores 61

Ovum ratings 61

Definitions 62

Extended Methodology 63

Technology assessment 63

User Sentiment 63

Market Impact 64

Sources 65

Further reading 65

Ask the analyst 65

Ovum consulting 65


Table 1: Vendors profiled in the BPM Decision Matrix 2010 report 4

Table 2: Core BPM Decision Matrix* 2010 5

Table 3: Extended BPM Decision Matrix* 2010 8

Table 4: BPM Decision Matrix 2010 – vendor scores summary 61


Figure 1: Core BPM Decision Matrix 2010 6

Figure 2: Extended BPM Decision Matrix 2010: Technology and Market Impact assessment scores only 7

Figure 3: Market leaders analysis: Technology assessment 11

Figure 4: Market leaders analysis: User Sentiment 12

Figure 5: Market leaders analysis: Market Impact 14

Figure 6: Active Endpoints BPM radars 15

Figure 7: Appian BPM radars 18

Figure 8: AuraPortal BPM radars 21

Figure 9: Cordys BPM radars 24

Figure 10: IBM BPM radars 27

Figure 11: Lombardi BPM radars 29

Figure 12: Intalio BPM radars 32

Figure 13: Metastorm BPM radars 36

Figure 14: Oracle BPM radars 39

Figure 15: Pegasystems BPM radars 43

Figure 16: SAP BPM radars 47

Figure 17: Savvion BPM radars 51

Figure 18: Tibco BPM radars 55

Figure 19: Ultimus BPM radars 58

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Business Services Industry: Decision Matrix: Selecting a Business Process Management Vendor (Competitor Focus)

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