Denodo – Setting the Standard in Data Virtualization

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SOURCE: InfoTECH Spotlight

The average business manager receives a staggering amount of data on a typical business day. When a large enterprise employs several business managers and other key individuals who are also receiving data, the sheet amount of information is nothing short of overwhelming. This trend has led to the growing need for data virtualization.

 Denodo   Setting the Standard in Data Virtualization

Denodo (NewsAlert) Technologies is a key player in the data virtualization space. Earlier this summer, the company premiered its data virtualization technology and best practices at the TDWI Munich Conference. The company set out to demonstrate the platform’s unmatched performance, as well as the unified access to big data, cloud, enterprise and unstructured sources.

The company’s agile data services governance and provisioning are also available to a broad client base at less than half the cost of traditional data integration. Denodo’s data virtualization takes organizational challenges, such as data silos, big data, unstructured data, agile data provisioning and more, and turns them into key opportunities.

And these aren’t just empty promises – but proven opportunities. Denodo worked with Telefonica (News chart icon Denodo   Setting the Standard in Data VirtualizationAlert), for instance, and enabled the provider to realize a 90 percent reduction in manual data integration. Reporting capabilities also improved from one week to one day. At Bioden Idec, access to new data sources improved by 60 percent and change requests were met in just a few days as analyst support time dropped by 40 percent.

A technology expansion focused on data virtualization is taking place in the European market. As a result, leading analysts focused on Data Integration and European Business Intelligence are writing and disseminating data virtualization best practices and insight. With Denodo in place, companies can enjoy unmatched performance, significant business agility and a strong ROI through the creation of a unified virtual data layer to serve the strategic information needs of the organization.

Suhaas Kodagali, Product Marketing Manager for Denodo told TMC (NewsAlert), “Denodo is a software company and a leader in data virtualization, which is a way to combine disparate data sources. The unified data layer is then delivered to the user. The value proposition is to get the right data and deliver it to the right user at the right time.”

Kodagali recently joined Rich Tehrani in the TMC newsroom for the Roadshow in San Jose, CA (NewsAlert). To learn more about data virtualization and what Denodo is doing in this space, check out their video interview in full.


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