Dynamic BPM Replacing Email

May 30, 2012 No Comments

SOURCE: HandySoft

HandySoft (www.handysoft.com), a leading provider of BPM technology and solutions, confirmed that its dynamic BPM solution, BizFlow, is being used for workflow tasks that had been handled by email by several of its government and business customers, as enterprise organizations try to cut back on email and improve transparency and accountability.

Enterprise organizations – businesses and government agencies – are beginning to rebel against email’s constant, increasing presence – and realizing that by itself, email isn’t a solution to most business challenges. Yes, email is great for communication. But too many organizations also depend on email for collaboration, even though email provides no visibility. And many organizations also depend on email for execution, yet email provides no tracking, no control, no auditability.

Email is central to most organizations’ day to day workflow – and the business tool many of us love to hate. It is all-consuming, constant – and it doesn’t provide the visibility, knowledge capture and control that’s often needed to ensure efficiency. It’s exactly these challenges that new, dynamic BPM tools solve.

“Email doesn’t need to be a bottleneck for your organization,” said Harry Clarke, CEO, HandySoft.  “When implemented effectively, dynamic BPM solutions can replace many processes now being done through email, while providing greater visibility, tracking, and accountability. It is a win-win scenario that enables users to take greater ownership over their business processes, while enabling organizations to capture the insights and process knowledge to ensure support of the mission. And it cuts down significantly on the frustrations of email.”

About HandySoft Global Corp.

HandySoft is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Tasking and Compliance software and solutions for government and business organizations. Our platform BizFlow®  is the first and only BPM Suite on the market to seamlessly integrate and automate dynamic tasks, case management, content collaboration, and structured processes along with Process Intelligence and RIA capabilities to drive visibility, control and productivity across all work that happens within an organization. Our industry-leading solutions empower both corporate and government users with the tools needed for “self-service” within any mission-critical business process. For more information call +1-703-645-4500, email info@handysoft.com or visit www.handysoft.com.

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