Effective data management ‘important in the cloud’

December 22, 2010 No Comments

Companies that are planning to start using cloud computing services must make sure they can still conduct effective data management processes after the switch has taken place.

In an article jointly written by Sheng Liang, Chief Executive Office of Cloud.com and Peder Ulander, the Chief Marketing Officer for the same company, it was pointed out that cloud computing allows businesses to virtualise all aspects of their data centres.

But they told Computerworld that such systems must be fit for purpose, allowing organisations to make changes where and when they feel they are necessary.

“It is critical that management solutions have the ability to create policies around workload and data management to ensure that maximum efficiency and performance is delivered to the system running in the cloud,” the pair said.

Earlier this month, a report by Dell said small and medium-sized businesses need to recognise the growing importance of effective data management to their operations.



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