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Camel in Action

Download a complimentary chapter from Camel in Action
Written by: Claus Ibsen and Jonathan Anstey, both members of the FuseSource team

The new book Camel in Action is for developers working on integrating applications or systems of any kind. This highly practical book introduces Camel and shows examples of how to use it with the 45+ supported enterprise integration patterns. Written by the people who wrote the Camel code, it's up to date and distills details and insights that only people deeply involved with Camel could provide.

Camel is designed to run in any existing environment without imposing restrictions. This allows you to get started with Camel very easily and reuse existing infrastructure and platforms. Camel can run in many forms such as standalone, web or Spring application, JBI, OSGi, Java EE, in the cloud, and so on. The book includes a technical reference explaining how to use Camel with many platforms.

What's Inside:

  • Introducing Camel and how it compares to other integration kits
  • Using 45+ Enterprise Integration Patterns with Camel
  • Using Java DSL, Spring DSL and Scala DSL
  • Routing and data transformation with Camel
  • And much more!

Download a trial chapter from Camel in Action for free now!

Download a Free
trial chapter!

This Early Access version of Camel in Action enables you to take an in-depth look at Apache Camel and how to use it.

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