Emerging Enterprise Systems Social Networks

August 22, 2012 No Comments

With the advent of Enterprise Social Networking, businesses have an opportunity to organize their communications, collaborative processes, and interactions in new, improved, and more vital ways. “Enterprise Social Networking” is the use of one Online Social Network within the same Business. Enterprise Social Networking is one of the new forms of online software considered “Enterprise 2.0”. Besides proprietary Enterprise Social Networking, any form of online Social Software, (even consumer Social Networks), that are incorporated into business processes, can be considered “Enterprise Social Software” upon its use in a business, or commercial, environment.

The benefits of Enterprise Social Networks include increasing the productivity of knowledge workers (managers/professionals), improved employee relationships, open and collaborative recognition of exemplary employee performance, open sharing of ideas that can expedite the process of forming new programs and departments, reduced email volume, reduced time spent reviewing intra-company communications, faster dissemination of information to employees, better awareness of project statuses, inspiring of innovation throughout the company, the knowledge of employees becoming searchable, and improved internal/external enterprise collaboration.

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