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ePN Adds Powerful New Functionality and Automation to Its Turnkey eCommerce Solution

September 7, 2017 No Comments


ASHBURN, VA – September 7, 2017 - ePurchasing Network (ePN), a company that has created an online eCommerce platform to help distributors maximize revenue, relationships and retention, today announced powerful enhancements to its flagship turnkey solution.

ePN 2.0 includes new functionality that gives dealers and distributors increased exposure and revenue generation opportunities for their products as well as powerful backend improvements that streamline pricing management, improve user management, and enable order tracking down to the individual rep level.

End user customers who are buying from dealers on the platform also benefit from this new release, with the added convenience of new payment options, streamlined re-ordering features, one click access to industry or product specific pricing promotions and more.

Features and benefits of ePN 2.0 include:

- Integration with PayPal – End user customers buying on the platform can now make payments online using credit card, open credit, or PayPal, giving distributors greater flexibility in processing payments while opening up more options for their customers. Customers also have the option to ship to their location or pick-up in the distributor’s physical showroom.

- ePN Now Powers a Public Virtual Distributor Showroom – With this new release, ePN powers a consumer-facing website – no log-in required. End user customers can browse products in a true online version of a distributor’s showroom. Once they are ready to place an order, the buyer securely logs-in to create an account and complete the transaction.

This is an important feature for many of our customers, particularly those in the janitorial/sanitation (JAN/SAN) market who need access to browse and compare potentially hundreds of products with ease,” said Tom Frommack, ePN President and COO. “Plus, for distributors, this creates new opportunities to expand their reach beyond their existing customer base and improves search engine optimization (SEO) for the products in their showroom.

- Tailored VIP Pricing – ePN already supports the ability for distributors to set special pricing for VIP customers. ePN 2.0 builds on this capability to allow distributors to tailor or modify pricing to groups of customers, such as those that fall in the same industry. For example, distributors can handpick a group of VIP customers, such as fitness centers, and create special offers for sanitizing supplies exclusively to those clients.

This gives distributors more flexibility to streamline and personalize pricing management, a task that is often otherwise handled via spreadsheets and other manual processes. It’s a form of automation that goes to the heart of ePN’s commitment to extend offline business processes online.

- Improved User Management – ePN 2.0 introduces several features that provide distributors with enhanced control of their platform experience. For example, business owners and managers can delegate functionality across the organization via role-based permissions allowing marketing to set pricing, sales to approve orders, and more.

- Assign Sales Reps to Accounts – ePN 2.0 makes it seamless and easy to track commission sales for online orders by tracking the buying activity of individual sales rep accounts.

- Architecture Improvements – As part of ePN’s commitment to provide industrial-strength commerce solutions for dealers and distributors and a seamless end user experience, ePN 2.0  embraces several infrastructure enhancements that guarantee a robust, secure, and scalable solution to efficiently handle and process products, users, and business logic.

Visit ePN at the World’s Largest JAN/SAN Tradeshow

JAN/SAN manufacturers and distributors can learn more about these latest enhancements at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Las Vegas, September 11-14, 2017– the world’s largest trade show for the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Visit ePN at booth 3592 for more information or to receive a demonstration which will take place hourly.

About ePN: ePN is an online sales and marketing platform that transforms how businesses organize, showcase and sell products. ePN brings order to the chaotic, archaic and manual sales and marketing processes still used in many industries. ePN’s suite of cloud-based, turnkey tools helps businesses modernize customer and supplier relationships to increase sales, elevate their brand and create loyal, repeat customers. ePN is based in Ashburn, VA and is privately held with funding from White Hall Capital, Herndon Associates, Mar-Jac Investment, Inc., York Foundation and Sterling Management. For more information, visit www.epurchasingnetwork.comor follow ePN on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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