ERP Software: OpenERP Launches Open Source ERP Applications Library

March 23, 2011 No Comments

Written By Calvin Azuri

OpenERP S.A. has announced the launch of its open source ERP applications library. OpenERP Apps, with over 1,000 applications available for free, is one of the largest repositories or libraries of enterprise management applications in the world.

 ERP Software: OpenERP Launches Open Source ERP Applications Library

The library will contain complete applications like project management, customer relationship management, and accounting in addition to specific applications like e-Commerce integration, point-of-sale, marketing campaigns automation and fleet management. It will also have applications for specific verticals like hotels, manufacturing industry, book stores, and auction houses.

In a press release, Luc Maurer, the director of Camp2Camp, an important contributor of OpenERP Apps, said, “The open source Apps library is a key differentiation for OpenERP compared to traditional competitors like SAP and Microsoft (News chart icon ERP Software: OpenERP Launches Open Source ERP Applications LibraryAlert) Dynamics who need years to build vertical applications. Applications are developed through our open source eco-system and monetized through our SaaS offer and partner network maintenance offers for on-site implementations.”

The OpenERP Partners, members of the ERP software community, and customers have together to develop the library. OpenERP will certify and maintain the best of the applications in the library. Among the open source ERP applications, OpenERP is the fastest growing suite with 30 new applications being added every month. Ubuntu’s (NewsAlert) development platform, Launchpad, is used to develop these applications. The OpenERP community is divided into various teams to manage development, translation, expertise, localization and quality.

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